Monday, September 28


Congruence is the state achieved by coming together,
the state of agreement.
The Latin congruere means to come together, agree.
As an abstract term, congruence means similarity between objects.
Congruence, as opposed to equivalence or approximation,
is a relation which implies a kind of equivalence, though not complete equivalence.

erm.... *sigh
if only some things are THAT simple and i can jus Wiki out the answer.

Thursday, September 24

people come. people go

maybe its because i'm new.
but i've come to realise ppl come n go pretty fast in this industry.

maybe its because i'm slightly anti social.
i've grown pretty attached to some characters in the office.
and they are only the selective few.


in religion (regardless which), we were always taught to understand & accept changes.
to not hold on too strongly. as alot of things are planned that way, not by us.
think of it as a challenge. to always venture out of ones comfort zone.
to try and learn new things with new people.

its just that.
kinda sad... too not see these people anymore soon.
oh wells.

hopefully... some friendship do prevail.
even outside the office walls.
i'll still wish them the very best.

to better mileage claims.
to better dental benefits!
to better path.
to a happier self.



its been pretty random.
went out with a few ppl.
had a few dinners with some ppl.
had a few heart warming & conforting discussions.

i love chitchatting at the park at night.
around the playground area.

brings back alot of memories.

webcamming middle of the night aint that bad too.
eventho i tink my puffy face & tears pretty much freak the shit out of my besties.


anyhoo. i've had better days.
then again. i've had worst days too.

so its pretty okay. :)

orgasmic discussion.

random. but funny.
ORGASM says:
the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ and usually accompanied in the male by ejaculation.
LOLness at my definition of orgasm to mandy. LOL
*u can click the picture to enlarge*
anyhoo. we were refering to David Cook's voice.
Nthg 18sx about it.

Tuesday, September 22

there's so much I wanted to say.

You whispered that you were getting tired
Got a look in your eye
Looks a lot like goodbye.
Hold on to your secrets tonight.
Don't want to know
i'm ok with this silence
It's truth that i don't want to hear

You're hiding regret in your smile
There's a storm in your eyes that's been passing for awhile
Hold on to the past tense tonight
Don't say a word
I'm ok with the quiet.
The truth is gonna change everything.

So lie to me and tell me that it's gonna be alright
So lie to me and tell me that we'll make it through the night
I don't mind if you wait before you tear me apart
Look me in the eye
Lie lie lie.

I know that there's no turning back.
If we put too much light on this we'll see through all the cracks.
Let's stay in the dark one more night.
Don't want to know
i'm ok with the silence.
It's truth that i don't want to hear.

So lie to me and tell me that it's gonna be alright
So lie to me and tell me that we'll make it through the night
I don't mind if you wait before you tear me apart
So look me in the eye
And lie lie lie.

Don't want to believe in this ending
Let the cameras roll on
Keep pretending
Tomorrow's all wrong if you walk away
Just stay

So lie to me and tell me that it's gonna be alright
So lie to me and tell me that we'll make it through the night
I don't mind if you wait before you tear me apart
Look me in the eye
And lie lie lie.

So lie to me and tell me that we're gonna be ok
So lie to me and tell me that we'll make it through the day
I don't mind if you wait before you tear me apart
Look me in the eye
And lie lie lie.

feeling a lil lounge-y tday

i've always been old school.
i'm a sucker for rough husky voices.
i'm a sucker for that lil extra bit of facial hair.
lastly, i'm a sucker for jazz & swing.

spent my whole day with a whole lot of saxophone tracks.

taking my mind off some stuff.

zabs been really nice. i had pasta, coffee, lime juice, some pet store time & playground chit chat.
it's been a nice turnaround for a not-so-nice few days.

Monday, September 21


i'm tired
i'm exhausted.

it really hurts.
maybe i have not moved on as well as i thought i did.

now. it jus hurts.
pillows wet as i'm still curled in bed at 4pm on a Monday.
couldn't remember what time i slept.

i need to kick this habit so badly.
i need to do it now.

i wish

boy toy.


toy boy.


watever man.

i need some fantasizing & dreaming.

Sunday, September 20


as she walks off.
on to the escalators.

we couldn't help but chase after her by the railing upstairs.
as we silently watch.
the person in white shirt, jeans and orange pack pack and a blue scarf.
all smiles.
as she walks further away from my vision.

tears welled up.

bye april.
i'll miss you.

do come back soon.

Friday, September 18


she this really fierce chick who I've known since form1.
i rmb entering the class, friendless (that time) and she sat at the last row with an empty seat beside her.
i rmb art class and we drew pokemon! bulbasaur!

i rmb times when we use to sit in front of the counseling building or the bicycle area to have our lunch.
she was fierce alright, very fiesty.

if i were to count how many times we end up whacking each other.
i'm not gonna even try because... it is alot.
we normally just annoy each other to shits!

but heck we became friends.
and 1 yr after that. she left to a new school.

we lost contact for a few years, with only occasional telephone calls.
i remember form 4 ( i tink) and the reason for the call was "eh, ur PMR results how a?"
ahahahahah. kiasu nye~

but that phone call was a start of alot of things.
we went out for movies. even if its only once a year.
Harry Potter I think.
she became so banana it was hilarious.
nonetheless, she is still... her. damn bloody garang!!

from movies to pre-chinese new year shopping.
it was still pretty fun. sungai wang. times square. midvalley. :)
very very soon. our little geng had a *plus one.

she and I, we were never very close. like very very close.
but we do share some common interest.
which we can babble about for quite some hours.
it was still pretty distant for me.

When we were in college & form6, we started a group.
called "cartoonfrenz", later shorten to "cartoonz".
the reason why it was "cartoon inspired" could not be explained now.

but we did, and we'd have mass email updates from time to time on each other.
from college to boyfriends, to potential boyfriends, to "should i break up with him" issues.
there were 5 of us:
one in klang (now in serdang), one subang (now in KL), one in Setapak(now in subang), one in Subang (now in Klang) and one in Shah Alam (gonna be in Scotland)

When news came that she was leaving to Scotland (it was 2008).
it kinda struck us that she'll be leaving... again.
that was when we were determined that WE GOTTA MAKE IT SMTHG WORTH RMB-ING!

I want my kids to know that I have Auntie April, Auntie Mandy, Auntie Sherene & Auntie Phoebe in 10 years time!

Then the fun part began!!!
with the "april going off to scotland soon d" reason, we started a whole string to plans on our to-do list!

  • we threw a christmas sleepover with beer (for a 1st to us) and slept at the living room while fighting for pillows & blankets!
  • we threw surprise bday parties with colorful ballons & DIY steamboat.
  • we went shopping more. LOL.
  • we had our 1st FOOD adventure to Muar Johor! went to Melacca too!
  • we had our 1st hiking trip up Templers Park. Picnic by the waterfalls.
  • we celebrated more bdays.
  • we had our 1st drink&chill trip to Genting with a very mind boggling drinking game.
  • we had our 1st Beach Trip to Kuantan, Pahang.
  • along with more KTVs sessions & drinking sessions, celebrations and more bdays!
  • and we finally officially celebrated our Cartoonz Day 09.09.09.
no joke! add up our birthdays & devide by 5, we get "9";
add up our birthmonth & devide by 5, we got "9" again!

after 1 whole year (or more) of telling my parents,
"April gonna fly to Scotland soon ma!"
it struck me that you'll be flying away in 30 more hours.

Take care my dear friend.
stay safe.

Do come back soon because we will always miss you a whole lot!

i miss raya

i miss syed.
and all of us anxiously waiting at Kayu to buka puasa.

John, Karthik, Goh, Ang...we didn't puasa la.
Syed did.

It was still really fun.
to be a part. ;)

i remember Tiqa used to invite us over to makan makan.
or so we call Tumpang-Raya.
It was hillariously fun.
I havent seen any of them of almost a year now.

Where have they all gone?

Wednesday, September 16

us chicks...

i have a best fren who broke up her many yr rship the same time i broke up with him.
its been 6 months.
recently theres this other guy.
he nice, sweet, caring.
totally great & dependable type.
she likes him.
he likes her too.
but they're nt together yet la.
she needed more time.
which comes to my question:
do we really wan companionship?
do we really wanna be loved?
do we really wanna have someone?
or honestly...
do we jus wan some extra attention from the opposite sex?
(its addictive... it really is... adrenelin like even!)
as quote:
"every girl oso likes to be kao-ed wan ma!"

Sunday, September 13

every girl

April once said .... (nt very long ago)...
"every girl like having someone going after her..."

it feels nice having someone to jaga u, sayang u at times.
least of it all, it feels nice to having meant something to someone.
even mere importance was really nice & warm.

then again, I keep reminding myself wat i set out to do a few months ago.
i told myself that i'd grow up.
i told myself tat this time, i'll take my time.

i have never been single for too long.
normally i'd end up with someone a few months after a break up.
i wonder why. perhaps its jus a yearning for companionship? guess so...

singlehood has brought quite alot of things to perspective to me.
and i need to maintain priorities.

a colleague once told me that he despise reading girls blogs.
simply because girls blog about non issues (to them)...
like boys, hair, fashion, shopping, girlfriends and well...boys.
while guy blogs about informative things and interesting thought of the day.

well, its simply because we operate differently.

girls have strong emotional dependant on alot of thing.
from a crush, to stress to even having period would ruin her mood.
everything and anything has a effect and triggers a string of emotions....
which being girls... we gotta let them out!!
from missing mom's cooking... to partying with friends... to even window shopping.
none of these a girls blog can be written in a 1 (ONE) sentence statement.
we babble alot.

boys however are more rational & analytical.
they have really brief blogs. if its a post about their day,
it'll be a very simple, point to point DOCUMENTARY like post about their day.
if they like the song. they share the lyrics of the song and says that they like it.
tats tat.
if their interested in animes or figurings,
it'll be a PROFILE of their character or an episode.
thats how simple they are.

ppl say i'm a semi-dude, but i talk about boys sometimes too.
i call him a semi-chick, then again he is a very rational and sincere person.
somehow... i think mix-breed like us...
we tend to survive better. :)

Thursday, September 3


Yehyeh is out of ICU (Intensive Care Unit).
Doc prescribed meds to ease the conditions h
owever the issue now is that they still don’t know what was wrong in the 1st place.

I went to the 4floor HDU (High Dependency Unit) to see him yday.
It relieves me so to see him smile;
to hear him talk (in his adorable toothless way) about the nurses;
to see him smile and laugh
as he was telling us about the nurse who insisted
to have him bathed at 11pm last night.
As we listened attentively to him about the nurse who had to OT to teman him switch wards;
and that he ate chicken soup and barley after so many days on drips,
I felt relieved… yes.
But deep down I’m still worried
as the fact that the docs have yet to diagnose why it happened in the 1st place.
Maybe I’m thinking too much?
I just don’t want him to have to go through this again.

Wednesday, September 2

yehyeh updates: the doc came

Doctor came, yehyeh’s small intestines filled with liquid.
Dunno where the liquids came from. Gonna do more tests.

He also prescribed Vitamin K to correct yehyeh’s blood not clotting
and medication to ease his tummy swelling.

What still worries me is that they are trying to stop the problems.
But still no one know WHY it happened in the 1st place.

Tuesday, September 1

Yehyeh updates

Yehyeh’s still in ICU,
his stomach is still bloated;
there was blood in his phlegm this morning.
His eyes are rather red due the capillaries breakage.
Early this morning his heartbeat very fast.
I feel awfully bad & concern now.
When grandma was admitted for the last time, I wasn't there.
I was in KL with my friends.
My heart skipped a beat when I heard that yehyeh was admitted.
I feel so bad.
For not being there.
HEY!! no rubbish thoughts!!!
stay focus girl!
its gonna be alright.

Yehyeh's in the Hospital

On the 3rd day when I was in Kuantan,

I received an SMS that my grandpa wasn’t feeling well.

And that he was admitted into the hospital’s ICU.

My heart kinda dropped.

I was driving back from Kuantan.

And I was worried sick.

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