Wednesday, January 16

advertising photography

my class mates...well..part of em~

allie with her product...

piggie allie snorkling~


in the end...we figured that allies product sooooo interesting...
we all took a shot at it! *grins*


my shot...

my own product shooting..

lazy~ *photo from darrell.* looks like i'm hiding under the table or smthg.

advertising photography
  • one of the few classes you can have liying down in the aircond studio or snuggled in the couch.
  • its an interesting class...
  • i get to take off my shoess and run around barefoot too!!!
  • me likey...

Wednesday, January 2

lan1 lan2 L*N3 lan4

word of the year?

its ok if you dun get me...
its nthg vulgar... i swear~

wats better to kick start year 08....
but a whole day with your besties walking the crap outof your shoes?

went out wit siewkuan&mandy tday...
gosh its been ages....
sharing meals...

walking hand in hand...
jus like high school...

alot of eating....

alot of talking...

alot of walking...

alot of buying....
alot of weird photos...
our tea/dinner....
sunset in kl....

:: ROSES ::
*where would you put your roses?*
i like mine in a vase.
tuck safe and sound.

*********follow up of what we did during form4********** missing wishan~

I've still been searching
And long have I waited
For someone to like me as me
To laugh with
To cry with
To be just beside with
A friend that's who I need

To fight with
Make up with
To know that you need them
Believing that they need you, too
To walk hand in hand with
To argue to talk with
A friend that's who I need
And even though
I make mistakes
And never do anything right
A smile, a hug
Can change all that
And everything will be alright

Someone who'll share all
My dreams and ambitions
Someone who'll love me as me
I need this person
Someone to rely on
A friend that's who I need

A friend that's who I need

voices of new malaysia