Wednesday, December 24

Langkawi Family Trip

Hello People!
I'm BACK!!!
the langkawi trip!!!
Day 1~
this is where we stayed.
the lobby. the building.

the room.
and me! settling in~

the beach.

charmiane. the skinny gymnast.
the octupus. or so i tink so.
haha. we started doing this silhouette thingy coz the sun was soooo nice.
the best one i tink is still my very 1st pic.

the sunset.

our dinner.
my sis n bro in law were so intrigued coz my yehyeh bought a CHINA wine.
sooo cute. in its chinese jar bottle thingy.
and most of all. because its alcohol level is 49%.
the hotel which my cousins stayed in.

where we drank. sheridan. vodka. china wine. ;)

tipsy~ acting? or not?
Oriental Village.

i had no idea why is there a Kuala Lumpur road sign in Langkawi.

we climbed up Telaga 7 (the seven wells)
which technically are 7 levels of water falls.
we climbed 600 ++ steps up. and 600++ steps down.
den my cousins asked, "where is the Well?"

swimmer cousin trying to act macho.

i like this shot. its the only orange leaved tree in the jungle.
the water falls.

after that we went to sit cable car.

SEEEE???!!! that was the water fall that we climbed!
the view from the cable car.
on the top of the cable car route was the new suspending bridge.
its this bridge on the top of langkawi.
in between the mountains.
it is hold steady by 2 legs (kaki) / base.
and 8 cables hold it.
i takut~

the view was great nonetheless.

we can even see the marina.

why do i love my cousin Karen so much?
its because she always gets me to do these incredible sports which i'll always be too scared to try.
not to say forced lerrr...
but i wanted to try it. i jus din have the guts to do it.
den karen was like. come la... very safe one. very nice wan.

ladies and gentlemen.
caryn fleww~~~~
hooked on to a parachute driven by a motor boat.
i flew UP!
80 metres up!
on top of the sea!

as promised.
the view was beautiful.
it was breathtaking.
i wanted to stay up there longer.
i loved it!
after that we rushed for our last dinner at langkawi.
being at langkawi.
we HAD to go see the eagle wert.
its LANGkawi.
that night since its our last night.
we went to the pier to see HELANG.

the pier.

being me.
i would be counting the trips which i survived without hurting myself.
unfortunately this was not one if them.

on the 1st night itself, i fell into a big longkang!
it was dark. i tink around 2 am. the hotel longkang had metal grills on top.
but one of it in the middle was stolen.

thats all.
i shall update more with the christmas photos soon.


Sunday, December 21

hello people.
just a brief note.

i'm going off to langkawi liao.
shall update when i'm back...


(caryn is secretly satisfied with afew things that she has done right now.)


honestly i'm pretty frustrated with my urm ... ... "frens" here.
i miss my colar bone!!! *sobs*

i need to lose weight.
hopefully lose some of my.... er.... boobs.
not all. some.

mayb i'm going cuckoo.
but i'm sick and tired of shirts that are my size but they wun go pass my breast!

i'm also angry at ppl trying to stare into my shirt!
i cant run or jump or fool around in public. *pouts*
i miss the times when ppl just stare at my face NOT BELOW MY NECKLINE.

Saturday, December 20


hello people.

caryn just came back from tzer's hse.
and she now has bright red highlights!

:)-3niGma- is happie~


growing apart hurts.
it really does.

doesnt matter if its frens...
some one you love or even family.

knowing that things will never be the same again.
it hurts.

like... "OOooooWWWwwwWWW~~~!!!"

Friday, December 19

christmas shopping and so much more~

-christmas tree at my hse-

due to limited funding this year.
i went for christmas shopping only today. and i only bought present for our family's secret santa game.

sad man... wanna buy anything and eveerything .
everything oso have to check if wallet cukup duit tak...

however~i spotted the SESAME STREET performance over at AEON bukit tinggi!
ooooo!!! manage to take some pictures!
they were singing and talking and singing and dancing!

it was.... interesting. i havent seen them in ages!!

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