Sunday, August 31

sunday night.... got a call from topper....say wanna yumcha...
den say meet up wit weiloong & meow chin at baskin robbins...

ended up at mcD's.... wit a couple of other seniors....
1 box of nuggets.... 1 pint of BR ice cream.... 3 boxes of fries....

*bert kor. meow chin.weiloong's arm inside the BR bag!*

*meowchin. weiloong still fiddling wit the icecream. kokyee kor camera shy*
*guan looking confused. zhiwei&his sundae. bert kor*
*playing with the BR dry ice*
*almost like chemistry class...jus funner~*
more pix of them with dry ice.

topper n the girls missing out of the picture...

topper sat opposite me... was talk to him so much i lupa take his pix.
as for mandy n siewkuan...
allah...mrk stoned that night...
den right beside me..mao ambik gambar oso susah.


Friday, August 29

Happiness *courtesy of litheng*
the greatest happiness that believing that people still care.

happiness, is waking up early in mornin and breakfast is ready.

happiness is when you know that you are loved.

happiness is sumone listening to you when you are sad.

only you can make your own happiness.

whether if you are happy or not...
its up to your own perception...

what is happiness to you?

Sunday, August 24

alone . weird . fun . interesting

these basically sums up my weekend.

fri...had dinner with m mmmmmMmMmmm...
pretty good food....
had fun tho...sit and hogged the table for shoooo long.
she evn offered to bring me go swimming~
but its been along day for both of us...
best jus to chill and chat...
swimming shall be postponed until further notice ya babe!

mom and dad went to johor for the weekend. so its practically jus me loooo...
home alone was....not very alone...wahahah...went to sis's hse to pao lunch den play with my nephew....
busy busy weekend
i have a new addition to my family..
named- xiao qing & xiao huang...
shall further elaborate when i come up with photos..

sunday was....
interesting! wahahah...
went to this "make over class" sponsored by NuSkin...
dragged allie to go wit me.
the right word should be "interesting" la...
coz they like tell u wat to wera to do ur hair la..
and we ended up getting free facials...

Friday, August 22

its been a long week.
sometimes i wish i could find some peace in all this chaos.
i really wish.
moving furniture into my bro's damansara home.
my parents bought a new marble dining table. bro inherited the old wan la...
but he damn lazy bumbum to bring it up to damansara.
so my parents had to do it. =.="
they came on monday night with 5 chairs.
den on tuesday night with the table.

reached crimson around 9 yday...after watching the olympic women taekwando n diving.
effing tired.
balik rumah....
open door...
flick the switch....
EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mane lampu!!!???
den i found this under my door.
OMG! tenaga potong my electricity supply!!! msg-ed kor...he's in malacca. he say he forgotten.
called dad....drove back to klang yday....
reach my hse around 11...
den i realised................OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the stuff in the fridge!!!
i have cheesecake n fish! in the fridge!
i'm so dead when i balik rumah tnite....
its been a loooong night.
went to subang this morning to pass the money to my aunt...
coz only can pay at ONE tnb shop...
and i dunno where it is.

den i jamjamjamjamjamjam to work...
decided to treat myself breakfast...
before i get grumpy...
the sandwich was awesome la!

i love dunkin now... (nt for their donuts tho) :)

Monday, August 18


i din expected it.
i really din.

now that u've said it.
i guess i'll have to anticipate it.
this heavy feeling going circles inside me.

lost at this moment.
is it the only way?

Sunday, August 17

Taman Pertanian 170808

hahha..after some long period of stress...
me interning..... my frens with their
wahahha...we decided to go on a fun trip to taman pertanian...
to jus chill and relax.

!$%!~!!!!!!!!@#$!@#$ they rented bikes...which...i have no idea how to ride...O.O
i was soooooo dead!
pic 1: teacher lim
pic 2 : chai shing, dennis (behind)
pic 3: new member! wahahah... wan ming/celine
pic 4: her butterfly pants!!!!!!! i kept staring at her butt!!! got butterfly ma!
the journey started soon after that....
we (they) started to cycle la......
1st pit stop was this really cool obstacle course!
pic 5:!
pic 6: the obstacle course
i love taman pertanian...mayb not be like really "jungle" jungle...but its still very nice...view n tress are alwasy good.
pic 7: up there!
pic 8: my driver.... kesian... it was uphill n down hill n uphill n down hill again...
pic 9: see? notice the mayat in orange shirt? sudah mati liao....
went to this
the view was great...
pic 10: the small small ppl n bicycle are our geng lo!
pic 11: the river/tasik side view.
the dumdums...we just got lazy and started throwing stones in the lake...
bigger n bigger stones....
then it soon became rocks! and bricks!!! scary...
after that...
sumone threw smthg...n den it float...
we were like "EH!!!! ur stone float ka? "
hehehe...stupid fella thre wood.
pic 12: us.
pic 13: more scenery.
last stop was the 4 season house..
its not winter there now....but late summer/early autumm... boohoo...
luckily it is still colder than outside.
GOD we were sweating like pigs!!!
pic 14:drying our sweat....shit damn hot outside.
pic 15-16 : inside the 4 season house
wanted to balik straight d...
den we passed by "taman haiwan"...we all rushed in...
any excuse to stay longer...
pic 17: saw this fella there...
more photos:

guess that was sunday la...
damn effing tiring...
yet fun...
havent done it in years....


Saturday, August 16

awesome Friday
late i waited for mandy to finish work as well den pick her up to balik klang.
picked her up at kelana jaya...
both of us hungry like crapppppp!!!!
went to makan murni coz mandy was craving murni...wahahhahaha...

den we when back to my place to ambil my dirty laundry.... teehee...
stopped by NZX for sum pictures!
(swt... i stay opposite...but i pulak tengah ambil gambar)

oopps!!! no wonder blur...resolution salah..
ape!!!! my camera cacat bahz!!!
use munpui's new phone...
den we balik...
was a pretty late night...
had fun nonetheless...

Friday, August 15

since i inherited tz's walkman phone...and his memory cards.
chinese songs are all i listen to now...

and they are damn sad and emo...
all the break up songs...
i like emo.

will continue soon...
tday...not in the mood.

Thursday, August 14


quit being so anal about it

Tuesday, August 12


i'm one of those girls who would still wanna remain frens with my ex. Because until the very end, you couldn't deny the fact that we still care. only differently. and the memories couldn't be diminished. yes there were ugly times, but there's always happy times as well.

for me personally. i realized that from every major crush or heart break, from every relationship and heartthrob, i'll always walk away with a little extra. *tat time ya la...heart breaking and crying la!* but after that... i would always realized that every single one left me with smthg extra to gain.

from cux, it was all bout growing up, learning to take control of my life coz i was so effing young. from sloweed, it was planning and passion, and ultimately having a partner who is matured and steady to work with. from zab, it was art and i'm proud to say he contributed to the fact that i'm taking advertising right now.
with xuan, it was definitely priorities and responsibilties as he was my 1st major long term relationship. i was busy juggling studies and spm and family and frens.
james made me grow up. to become more understanding and to accept that some things are jus the way it is.
one more thing i realised caught up with me recently was a building (nt HUGE...just building) interest on sports. particularly badminton and basketball.

frankly i wasnt very keen on "chasing" the olympics this year... i din even see the opening...heard it was spectacular... so was my company tat night! :) so no regrets.

but i watched a lil. grins.
i managed to hunt down the badminton matches yday.
i was stunned by yday's m'sia-indo match. (jumps! nearly choked over my dinner)
against defending champion taufik sumore... O.O
Choong Hann stole whole the show in all the evening matches la.

The 31-year-old appeared to be the fitter of the two last night and you can sense the heat from the start. the first game was....TIGHT... omg...kanchiong~ but after winning the first game, he jus went on to seal the deal on the straight game.

amazing~ too bad its gonna be his last Olympic liao.... :( *i silently like him morethen chong wei la*

the m'sia-singapore match was not too shabby either.
started off kinda wobbly...until chong wei gained his rhythm la...
den it was smooth sailing..
lets jus hope he'll go all the way la...
being the star player and all... :)

and seeing that ronald (sg) was the one that sent the chinese top gun lin dan out during olympic athen 2004. i sure do hope the chances are high... :)
Sunday night's basketball was another number.
star of the night? who else but the NBA player yao ming!
on the way walking out of the court, he raised his fist in the air as so thousands and thousand of fans cheered. he was limping and wobbling as he made his way to the bench. safe to say it was a spectacular and historical night for china.
he made it happen.

it was so surreal. come to think of it. yaoming was the icon that gave china the the grand entrance into the world.
but to watch him limp and flail, trying so hard to even catch his breath was to understand the reasons with which his sense of obligation to china that brought him back so soon from another broken foot, another surgery. he was a miracle to say, how can a body with such built be so agile and fast? even his lower body couldn't sustain his weight and size, two broken feet, a broken leg and an infected toe. It breaks your heart to watch what has happened to him.
China monitored his birth because of the perfect physical and athletic genes of his parents, thus making him forever the science project. China has been training and working him to the gound. With the NBA matches, theres the olympic and even frequent matches with his national team during the non-olympic years. anyone can see that he needs to rest. he has done his part for china. i wonder when is it going to end.



Monday, August 11

attention one attention all!!!
source: litheng
Event: Blood Donation
Venue: Klang Parade 2nd Floor
Date : 31st August 2008. (yes...merdeka day)
Time : 10am - 5pm


地点:吧生百利广场-Klang Parade 2


时间:10am-5pm (招兵买马,一齐来参加吧!)

Are you aware of the full information about blood donation?

Can ANYONE donate blood? What are the benefits of donating your blood?

If you cant donate, what other way can you contribute?

how about volunteering? or helping out at the side?





Before you make your decision:
1. Participants have to be between 18-60 years old.
2. You have to be 45 kg and above.
3. You have to be healthy. (if you're on any medication do remember to inform the nurses there.)
4. Never donate blood on an empty stomach. Had a good night rest for a minimum of 6 hours.
5. The last time you've donated has to be a minimum 3 months window period.
6. Do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior donating your blood.
7. (ladies) should not donate blood if you're having your menses (period) or if you're breast feeding.
8. Should not OVER stuff yourself with food or starve yourself with NO food on the day of donating blood.


Extra Facts:
1. There's no danger in donating your blood. there's no taboo that you'll lose too much blood. and you'll be saving sumone's life!
2. Donating blood helps our body's regenerating system, its also good for our brain... thus promoting good memory.
3. The centre will help you do a thorough check up and blood examination, and the results will be mailed to you!

3.捐血中心會為你做詳細健康檢查,並將檢驗報告寄給你。(这个,酷龙 就有经验!哈)

If you cant donate, perhaps volunteering is another option:
(they really need resources to help out on that eventful day. )
1. you'll need chinese/english full name, IC number, contact number and address.
2. your information will be strictly confidential. :)
3. there are a few diff departments in need of volunteers, so you may be transferred to any of the below dept.
- promotion
- nurses assistance
- documentation
- general "ushers" or assistance
4. register before 15/08/2008
5. they need 80 volunteers for this event.
6. if there's any eager helpers with transport problems, voice out and we'll see how we can help!


1.这里需要你的: 中英文姓名,身份证号码,联络号码和联络地址.
4.(更新)报名截至 15 /8 /2008.



Sunday, August 10

awesome weekend!

friday night.
met up wit sk at midvalley after work.
she took a train from serdang-where she is studying now.
ooo... i havent seen her for a pretty long time.
went to fix her glasses!
hoho...POR SIEW KUAN sudah pakai specs! damn cute...
den we chilled... bought tickets for a 11pm movie...
after that we went on a hunt to look for "comfy" restaurant coz we're gonna rot there until mandy finish work.
the place we finally decided upon.
Little Vietnam.
*interesting foreign food*
when we sat down, the waitress took 2 large block of wood and stamped our table!
she says "its for good luck"
mine was "fu gui"
siewkuan's was "ji xiang".
:)vietnam delicacy...
Dragon fruit salad...among other delicious yummy food.
it was the only one we managed to capture and we whallaped everything else.
the place.
we had our 1 and half hour meal.
den we went socks hunting coz siewkuan was looking for socks...
until around 10.15.
MUNPUI came!!!
she's workin until 9...den she took the train from kl to Midvalley.
since its sooooo friggin late d...midvalley edi closed.
we did the undespicable.
they was this furniture/homedeco roadshow in the middle of the centre court...
and no one was there.
SO we jus took the liberty of "trying out" their sofas.... and pillows... and lamps...and chairs...LOL.
NO ONE WAS THERE!!! there's no "no sitting sign" either... wahahahha
chilled at McD's for munpui to makan...even pao-ed some of her fries to makan...
took a gazillion zillion of photos...
trying to be anything and everything there is....
even the helper at McD was looking as us funny.
the thing about old frens..
they already know u as you are...
we can act out as bad as we wan...
as goofy as we want...
it doesnt matter if the Watson chick was staring at us oddly coz we pao-ed so much candy and junk from the rack...
or the fella at McD's who must have wonder where the hell did we come from...
we were as happy as ever..
as bubbly as anyone can be...
we ran around the empty mall...
chased the living daylights out of each other...
even got lost in the carpark looking for the exit at 1 am!

i havent seen these two chicks in ages.
its even longer for the other 2 missing in the pix.

and gosh i miss them loads.

we baliked my bro's place after the show...
den we bathed, changed...
tooked out the mattressess and crashed in my hall...
watched hairspray...
ate lollies...
ate chocolates...

saturday morning... we went to makan breakfast before i send them back to midvalley again for siewkuan to balik campus and munpui to balik kl...

Photos : midvalley 080808

bout the movie.
lots of ppl actually tot the show was a let down...
to me....
mayb it was abit...

i mean.... the videography was goood... the line of cast was remarkable... from brendan fraser to jet michelle yeah... even to anthony wong chau sang!!
-with all that publiciti...expectations were up the roof la~
and the props...the effect to me was good...the storyline wasnt too bad... the videography ( i meant the arrangement of scenes...keeping the aundience on their feet) was good as well...

theres just some parts for the show where you go..."eh?"
1st of all... chinese dragon dun fly. *at least i dun tink they do la...*
but the dragon here not only flies... but has 3 heads! isnt like the myth in hercules?! haha..

and whoa... i saw the obomanable snow mens.... O.O...
its like CHINA la~~ y the dragon looked like harry potter's dragons one?!

hehe....all and all...
i still kinda liked it la...

did i ever mention i had the hugest high school girl crush on brendan fraser?!
george of the jungle! LOL!
i think he's still hot la....
ok.... back to the other hottie in my life...which recently have been missing for so long.
when out with tz for 1 n half hour on sun. and of all the places. teehee...we went to a pet shop and like spent the whole time there.
its so hard to see him lately...he's been so busy...
oh well...
he looks uber tired huh?


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