Monday, April 26


Sunday, April 25

the graduation

as i fell into bed at 4am that night before.
after ironing my jubah and this ridiculously frilly shirt mom wanted me to wear for graduation.
my mind wondered as i looked back into the experience which started March 2006.

college; not form6.
advertising ; not law.
so many choices made.
so many decisions taken.

friends; life.
assignments; hanging out.
from the eddy(s), betty, allie and calvin.
for some reason i cant recall this adorable indian girl's name we met in sem1.
she left after sem1.
eddy(s) & calvin too soon after sem 3.
and then it was only A, B & C.
Alicia, Betty & Caryn. :)

chilling at 1st floor cafe (now the exam halls) =.=
rotting at the printing shop in summit.
catching RM5 bucks movies in summit.
Temaning each other (mostly betty's) shopping trips in summit.
breakfast with allie,
lunch with the duo.
dinner with betty.
the malay shop with RM3.90 nasi lemak + coffee/tea set.
point B! shopping for the "C cup bra" O.o
McDonalds; allie always picks out her pickle in her beef burger.
Mady's; she'd pick out the mushrooms in the mushroom rice set!
KFC; betty loved KFC.
drinking soup for lunch sometimes too!

how we'd chill in the 3rd floor's mac room with Mr Lim n Mr Nizam.
how we blindly yelled and giggled in the darkroom doing silkscreen.
spraying the frames in the toilet.
"panning" at the bus stop with god knows how many mamats staring at us wondering wtf we're doing.

the malay boys during videography class were awesome.
fiqs (she's a chick btw), wan, amir and so many more.
alif, zul complaining about their sore asses after riding to shah alam for a shoot.
so many memories.
running everywhere.

DUREX! what a topic it was.
the subject of preference. i dunno why?
copywriting finals Use a Condom.
Videography finals about STDs
Presentation skills finals about Durex too.
it was fun tho.

running everywhere chasing down glass bottle coke!
lugging 345 bottles in my car and everywhere.
miniature museum, gawd how i wanted to cry.
thank god for april n henry for their expertise.
the coke shoot, filix n lydia drinking hot coke in the hot sun;
posing for my shoots at 2pm in the afternoon.

Prison of Art.
the previous grad showcase.
chenny, alex, sunsun, yy, soosoo, tarquin, aya ; Mr Jye!
the bunch of ppl which i met much later yet bonded so strongly too.
bunch so people so sincere and true.
we'd giggle the nights thru playing with leftover ice, going on trips to camerons.
as we talked about love, bonds, trust, friends, ex-s, sex and gawd i cant rmb any more.

after graduation, i started another chapter at LB.
tho graduation came late, 1 yr late.
seeing old friends. yumi, serene, joyce, cyndi, kylie, natalie, zhanhong, ANDRY!, hendy.
it was still nice.

as everyone all dressed up, with their mortar boards positioned nicely.
checking buttons, "how do i look?" :)
checking in the mirror, checking each others hair and look.
smile! you walk up to shake hand n get the fake scroll.
pose for the camera. as proud parents grinned from ear to ear.
i saw this auntie super gungho.
sneaked infront with her digital camera, zooming 10x with the kuchirat screen.
hands shaking as she aims at her son walking up the stage.
she smiled at the grainy, blurred out shot. Proud! :)
when his daughter walked up,
proud dad with this adorable bow tie, stood up.
smiled as he clapped so loudly.
bobbing heads as you see the lines on graduate waited beside the stage.
waving at their parents. checking if everyone's there.

as we moved on to other chapters of our life.
the experience (to me at least) was indeed memorable.
yea, i gt 11As for spm.
but advertising was my choice, i'm pretty proud of that!
advertising design, the whole package of experience. I'm nt regretting a bit.
ok la... mayb a lil (the part where i din get to go on for a degree)
but everything happens for a reason.
what din kill u, will only make u stronger.
or else, i wouldnt be in LB now would i?

but thats a diff chapter of my life now.
another chapter i'll conquer and elaborate another time. :)

for now, YES I've Graduated!
when they annouced this year's top student.
3.99 cgpa?
ok la i was being rather kiasu.
ahhahaha. buthen c'mon 0.01 from full 4.0 flat!!
impossible! impossibleee!!

as Doraemon Mr. Lim said, "arts too subjective" :)

will update with photos if i get any la!

Friday, April 23


make sure you watch till the every end!

weeeee~ donnie yen!

i have a...
humongous HUGE crush on...
Donnie Yen!

ever since highschool!
or primary school...

weeeeee... excited!
Ip Man 2!

Hou Yao Yenggggg aaaa!!


macho nye~

--- lalalalalalal---

Wednesday, April 21


everything seems so surreal.
i wonder if its a good thing or a bad thing.

productivity has been superduper max.
however mentality has been down low.
I'm TIRED!!!


*on a separate note Mooky's introduced my otaks to LMFAO's music.
which has been thumping in my ear ever since.

(i shake, i move, and the girls get hot... )

Wednesday, April 14

25 for Haiti

great song. Love the new twist.
loving the new rap.

Rapping - LL Cool J, Will-I-Am, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz]
We all need somebody that we can lean on
when you wake up look around and see that your dreams gone
when the earth quakes we’ll help you make it through the storm
when the floor breaks a magic carpet to stand on
we are the World united by love so strong
when the radio isn’t on you can hear the songs
a guided light on the dark road your walking on
a sign post to find the dreams you thought was gone
someone to help you move the obstacles you stumbled on
someone to help you rebuild after the rubble’s gone
we are the World connected by a common bond
Love the whole planet sing it along

Tuesday, April 13

Thursday, April 8

At the End of Day Break

a promise is a promise.
I'll never let you down.

i watched it. with all pride n joy, i manage to catch the very last show of "At the End of DayBreak" on the very last day.

As the credits rolled out, i smiled when i saw his name.
I smiled as i shared a tiny piece of this joy & pride.
I smiled as i saw him justifying the choices that he made.


Title: At The End Of Daybreak
Writer/Director: Ho Yuhang
Starring: Chui Tien Yau, Wai Ying Hung, Jane Ng
Malaysia/Hong Kong/South Korea 2009

Tuck Chai (Chui Tien You), is a 23 yr old guy, someone who’s still looking for something in life even a simple direction, Ying (Ng Meng Hui), in contrast, is still in high school, having all the care in the world of a girl of 16yr old.

This is despite of the lower-class existence that Tuck Chai and his mother (Wai Ying-hung) - my favourite! leads. Whom the father left mother for her younger sister. Depressed, she often turns to the bottle, seeking for solace in alcohol.

The details of the story, i find interesting. With so much attention to the details, it brings back a sense of tenderness. As the story unveils on the relationship between Tuck Chai and his mom, how they need each other to actually maintain the dynamics of this relationship, how his mom grooms him, cuts his hair. Witness the relationship between Tuck Chai and his mother; at times, it seems as if that relationship is reversed, with the son coming to the rescue of his mother time and again after she gets drunk. There's the tenderness and lingers when you see how these 2 characters interact.

What we have here, a cycle. A trend that's seemingly never ending, it goes round and round and round and round. The lack of morality in a way sometimes become the driving force for the story.

Two relatively innocent characters, not necessarily perfect, who paid the price for a mistake, a mishap that led to alot of unexpected grave consequences. Most synopses describe the film that way. When in the movie, you'd feel that theres really a feel of things and tension building up. all leading up to a certain point where you'd ask yourself "How now???"

I find myself being so much amused & attracted to the combination & marriages of several different elements. For example, shots of Tuck Chai on his motorbike, with the light from the inside of the tunnel reflected against his visor, as he raced into the tunnel, as the prayer call roared around him. What a powerful moment, a stunning combination of visual and sound…

Another part which i loved was how the film looks at greed and desire, and simply let these 2 elements work themselves within the show at so many levels. With all her angry and troubles with her ex husband, Tuck Chai's mom turn to him when she needed help. Though they still hold a sense of civility for each other, it is money that brings them together. It is also money that would lead to the film’s tragic end, not because it is needed but because of the greed for it which cause the incidents to happen.

However, I am confused at a few things. Perhaps the director's dicision between having a piece of human drama, or a genre crime film. Some people liked it this way, some however found it rather odd. Ying (the leading female character)'s lack of emotions troubles me sometimes, i spend quite alot of moment wondering "why she stones a?", macam no response saje. Maybe it was her character, maybe I couldn't understand the movie well enough. but yea... "why a?"

Pete Teo’s music adds to the overall feeling of the film incredibly well. Haunting, at times chilling, but always beautiful.

I write this, then, not as a review in a way, but more of an exposition of what I feel and think as I watch this film.

When Yasmin came up, even for the brief minutes. I was stunned.
I didn't know that she cameo in it.
The sudden overwhelming of emotions came when she laughed.
I'd never imagine or thought that I'd ever hear them again.
I saw her smile today. I heard her laugh.
Gawd, she is terribly missed.

Wednesday, April 7

love. 1 , 2 or 3?

In our life, we meet numerous types of people.
amongst all of them
you'd meet these 3 person.

the 1st one, the person you love most.
the 2nd one, the person who'd love you most.
and the 3rd, the person that you'd spend the rest of your life with.

when you meet the one you love most,
you'd truly know and feel how it is to be in love.
after you understood how it feels to be loved,
that's how you'd find the person who adores & love you most.
when you've loved & felt loved in return,
you'd learn & understand what is it that you truly needs.
then finally you'd find the one person most suitable,
to spend the rest of your life.

but its quite unfortunate,
tat in real life,
these 3 person might never be the same person.

the one who loves you most,
might not be the one you's love most.
the one you love,
for some reason might not have chosen you.
the longest relationship,
may not be with the one you love most,
might not even be the one who'd love you most.
just the person who appeared in your life, just at the right timing.

what about you? ever wondered if you're number what?

no one would purposely change their heart and leave.
when he loved you, he really did.
but when he stopped loving you, he really did.
when he love you, there was no way he could deny loving you.
but when he stopped loving you, there was no way that he could pretend to continue loving you.

when he says he's leaving you,
ask yourself, do you still love him?
if you don't,
then don't just linger on for the sake of self pity and dignity.
if you still love him,
the you'd wish him to find his happiness & bliss.
hope that he'll find he one for him,
not to stop him or hold anything against him.

if you want to stop him from finding his happiness
perhaps, you dont love him anymore
if you dont
who are you to be angry over the fact that he left? whats the point?

to love is never to own.
if you like the moon,
you can't just pluck it from the sky
and place it i your room.
but the moonlight will still shine into your room every night if you leave the window open.

in other words,
if you love a person,
theres other ways of loving that person.
by having him as a chapter in your life you'd never forget.

if you love him,
you'd love him for who he is.
the good and the bad.
his good values and his bad habits.
you cant change him to someone else just because you love him.
and if he cant change you'd love him lesser?

there's no reason actually, if you really love a person.
you just know that, no matter when or where, you'd want to have him by your side.

What about you? How many have you found?

amongst all these people,
who have you found? and who has found you?

voices of new malaysia