Thursday, July 31

cloud 9.

the haze is coming back.
i can feel it...

from The Star

Thursday July 31, 2008

Haze shrouds parts of Penang

GEORGE TOWN: Parts of Penang was temporarily shrouded in haze yesterday with visibility dipping to 1km in Butterworth and 6km in Bayan Lepas at 8am.

A state meteorological department spokesman said the situation only improved in the afternoon with visibility at Butterworth and Bayan Lepas increasing to 7km and 8km respectively at 3pm. The visibility at Prai however dipped from 10km at 8am to 9km at 3pm.

The spokesman said the haze was caused by dust particles trapped in water vapour, adding that Butterworth had always been worst-hit as it was an industrial area and had more suspended particles in the air.

Hazy afternoon: The Penang Bridge seen from the Lebuhraya Bayan Lepas at 1pm Wednesday.

The Air Pollutant Index (API) readings at the three monitoring stations in the state was moderate.

API readings recorded at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Prai and Seberang Jaya were 55, 60 and 79 respectively at 11am, according to the Department of Environment.

The API reading is considered good when it is between 0 and 50, moderate (51 to 100), unhealthy (101 to 200), very unhealthy (201 to 300), and hazardous (above 300).



everyone has their own priorities. and i'm in total respect of that.
but sumhow i realized my priorities differ from others...
and thats when its hard-accepting that ppl do not think as i do.

i once asked tz....y? because i find it so hard to cope with.
the fact that everyone is busy with their stuff.
and when it comes to things that i tink are important. ppl dun give a damn.
everyone is jus too busy with their lives!!!

according to his majesty, guys and gurls are totally different level of beings...=.="
the gurls can have loaaaads of priorities, whereby they can do so many at a time...
chicks are the masters for the Art of Multitasking la~
but then again with so many priorities, wats most important are family, love, (recently) careers and friends. and in these 4 category, family & love stand the biggest share while career& friends, it depends.
where else the guys, they basically only have 3.... family, friends and career. and they are all separated the same. (or so he say la)

so... in the mind of a chick:
family (daddy, mommy, grandpa, sis...), love (bf, hubby), career, friends
family (daddy, mommy, grandpa, sis), love (bf, hubby), career, friends

and in the brains of the dude:
family (daddy, mommy, grandpa, grandma, sis, bro and gf/wife), career, friends

and for me...
i'm trying to squezze in everything that makes a man and a women. i adore my friends, even when i have a boyfriend. i wanna spend time with my family. and i wanna be in charge of my work.


whenever i whine bout ws not making it for our outings but she goes everywhere with her bf.
he'll say, "she a girl, its how its suppose to be" =.="
whenever i cry about my friends leaving or drifting apart...he'll always say that i have to make the effort... i have to realise that if i wanna maintain it...i gotta make more effort..seeing that its so important to me... the fact that i have to respect others, and the fact that they have other priorities too....
then i'll be like "so i gotta accept the fact that i am not important to other ppl la?!"...
den i'll start crying more la of course.

sumhow i guess thats y i have limited gal-frens and i have more guy friends la...
mayb it because it i wanna meet up with a dude... say johhny tml... he'll be like "sure!", as long as he got nthg important planned la...he'll even take a bus to come!
but if i wanna meet up with lets say selina, she'll be like "i gotta see 1st..." den she'll have to "inform" her bf.... find transport, see if she's there any assignments...yadda yadda yadda... den i'll have to ask her out like 1 month before!

dun get me wrong.
i'm not critising the gurls.
but that is how it works.
when ur the gf, you technically have to be more homely, prioritize your stuff, inform your bf...
stuff like tat.

its odd how things work.

its even worst how sum ppl get their priorities all messed up and they end up doing so many wrong thing without knowing it.
the fact that they din even know that its hurtful, or that its irresponsible or the consequences.
whoa... chunted man these ppl.

but thats how it is.
quote the most overused from tz.
no one ever told u life is fair ok?


at sum point i geddit la..
you let me denial abit can bo??
i still wanna live in my colourfull fairy tale world a little bit longer.

on random note.
work is the best therapy. from anything. for me at least.

i can just dive into my work and be happy.

mayb coz i know its one of the last few things i can take control of right now.



Monday, July 28

super late dinner/supper.

we went to this new "lifestyle&cafe" shop in NZX.
i think it jus opened this week la...
a very interesting place.
beautifully done deco...
unfortunately i din quite like the fact that their waiters are all foreign... :(

its a shop which is a restaurant...but also a boutique as well...
they nt only sell food...
they sell clothes, accessories, bags, sunglasses and little cute key chains...
Korean & jap song playing all day long...
with the name called "full house"...
i'm guessing its Korean influenced.

-the company-
*this poor chick oso working late*
or waiting for me to finish work...?
i dunno la...
kesian her lo...

-the menu-
-my food-

-the place-

-the enormous deco!-
*which totally caught my eye*

if i'm rich...and i have no where to spend...
i'm so gonna get a mini and get the interior striped!!!


1. falling sick when ur alone is down right pathetic. end of this topic.*it was disgusting*
2. 2nd Sis's Wedding 06/0708
when ur sis's getting married. doesnt mean you have nthg to do. *pants!*

first of.... the pretty professional pics.
of the happy newly weds!

ok... nex... the other ppl....
coz its my phone... and i din have a camera...
so u'll only see very limited ppl..


on the way to my bro-in-law's hse in setia alam

babysitting my cousins at the playground nearby after that...
its interesting how ppl REALLY look like...



late evening..... went back to my sis new hse...
waiting for her to get ready and make up...

-we're still waiting-
-mommy and me! done!-
-in the car-
*will upload more PROFESSIONAL photos once i get my hands on them!*

3. Munpui's Convocation 27/07/08
when one of ur best frens graduates. you'll buy the present. drive to her convo. get lost for an hours or so. cant manage to call her. search frantically for the tiny head among the other tiny-tinier heads. finally see her! yay!! hug her. see her for 15 mins. snap pictures. and wait wait wait wait wait wait for her day to be over. lastly have lunch with her after!!!

hoho.... we sesat-ed for almost an hour!
while me, tzer and valerie...try soooo soo so so oooooo hard to find our way...
por siew kuan was sleeping!!!
-i think it was a touching scene-
every parent present to see their child graduate.
frantically snapping away trying to capture every moment.
you can sence the pride in them.
how proud they are of the grads!
-shooo cute-

yay!!!! MANDY!!! busy
-wear la properly!-
-take pics!!!-
-den we waited...and take pics!-
- played with the gift--waited.....-
-still waiting-
-we waited-
-and waited.....-
-snap snap snap snap!-

-the proud parents-
-lunch!-- i find this pic interesting-

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