Tuesday, June 30

A (H1N1)

I work… in an advertising agency.
We deal with the Media Owners & Media Companies all the time.

Today we receive an email that says the Media Company will be closed down for 1 week due to a confirmed A(H1N1) case.


Their office is at level 16 of the same building my office is in.

This news certainly triggered some panic amongst our fellow colleagues.

Especially since we always run up & down from their office.

*phew* luckily I din go there this week.

Let’s just hope this pandemic virus ends fast. People are really starting to freak out. Haih.

Monday, June 29

well.... TODAY WAS A BLAST!!.... not!

Today was some horrible horrible vegetable day.
I know it sounds lame.

I’m feeling pretty lame right now.

It’s been a long day. I broke a heel from my shoe. :( I took the wrong turning on the way back… siao! My touchNgo no more $$ jor. Ish. Macam suey sangat la!

Maybe I’m just really tired, after the trip and all. Or maybe I had so much fun I din want to work yet? Haiyoh… tak tao la…I partly depressed its ending so soon too!

Or maybe I’m just getting lazy… LOL.
(I doubt that though… maybe la… but not now)

Normally I’m very hyper and psyched about work on Monday geh ma!!!

Well, today was stinky. Work load was craaaaazzzzziiieeeeeeeee…
Maybe cause my colleague took her leaves today.

No… not today… The whole week!!



I didn't even go to my kcba friend's gathering. Tak larat~ :(

*flops on to bed*
I’m gonna snooze right now…

I’m forcing my brain to stop working jor.


work loads have been craaaaazzzzzy.

mayb i tak biasa with the whole "working life" yet.




genting was awesome.
photos are a killer la! nearly 500 Mb!!

how to send a? ish...

its saddening la... kinda depressing.
that when ur having fun...
u cant help but realise that the end is so near.

Kimchoon is flying on 21 September.


the kcba geng are having steamboat session later.
ona %^&*!%^&*!***! monday.

emo la.
ape pun tak jadi.

kerja banyak sial.

i wanna scream.

Friday, June 26

a legend

here i sit in my little cubicle.

i'm listening to hitz at this moment, they're doin a tribute to the legend - the late Micheal Jackson.

As much as it's gonna give me a headache soon.

I walk around the office today.

MJ's music was everywhere.
in each and every corner.

and the most beautiful part?
none of them are the same.

even now as i curi curi type this.
i can hear ABC from Jackson 5 soming from my left;
i can hear Beat It slightly further more from my left;
fron the direction in front of me... i hear Triller's beats thumping away;
on my right i can head I'm Bad & Smooth Criminal slightly further away.

take a stroll in my office.... I'll hear "OW!" "nngh!" from various directions.

I love Micheal Jackson's music.
Especially songs like Billie Jean, Triller, smooth criminal.
Kudos to the dude for this glittering white gloves & military suits.
also the trend of them avaitor sunglasses.

he was truly a very talented icon.

1 simple question:
Which one of us did not ATTEMPT to even try "MOONWALKING" when they were a kid?

i noe i did.

Micheal Jackson.

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" who once moonwalked above the music world, died.
He was 50.


Wednesday, June 24


i'm so tired.
beyond my popping eyeballs.
and beyond my pulsing head.


I need to sleep.
its been a long day.

Tuesday, June 23

weird dreams.

i've been having loads of dreams about random people lately.
specially guys.

some made my pillow wet.
-those i shant speak of tday-

some jus wake me up in the middle of the night
and go
"eh?? watthe....."

i dun even see some of them anymore.
why do i see them when i'm asleep?
mayb i shud start msg-ing them

see whats up.

Monday, June 22

my buntut itchy...

these days i often have this URGEEE...
(no... nt to scratch my buntut... dun worry)

but i hav this urge of taking the dslr for a photo trip.
i havent been doing photography since ages!

like really jus bawa camera and walk around KL.

let the lense do the talking.

I've always loved photography.

some day...

Saturday, June 20

cutting my hair

my hair look like lion again.

this time no bf to cut for me jor.
where to cut my hair leh??

dun dare leh... wanna trust ppl to chop my hair.
eventho my rambut edi like broom jor.
so messy.


eh! but i guai guai jor lo.
since my Petpet from work say my hair SOOOOO dry.

i "sang seng" jor lo...
insaf jor...

got use conditioner jor.


i read this post from v's blog.

maybe i perasan la...
but i tink she blogged about me...

sometime i'm jealous.
she has this really great personal blog.
where she jus blogs bout every little thing that happens in her life.
from going out to meet friends, to buying new shoes, even .... a haircut!
and so many ppl would actually drop by and support her.
probably cause she's really active in online forums.
hence she has alot of great online friends.

but v in person.
is really really shy.
she has this really small voice, and she always lowers her head whenever she talks to people.
I use to always have this urge, this instant feeling like "i have to protect her".
cause she seems to soft & demure.
but as I got to know her.
she aint as weak as she thinks.
she mayb soft spoken, sum might think she's naive.
but we're actually alot the same.

we just prefer to think the best of a person , not the worst.
even if we get hurt, it doesnt mean that the whole world is evil.
I gav up on believing in people a long time ago.
but v .... she is very determine.

she always calls herself "angel".
at some point, it feels like she is my angel.

she's very caring, and very observant.
she may not speak alot.
but thats just her.

at the end of the day, arent we all jus simple people?
everyone just wants to be accepted.
for who they really are.


Friday, June 19

prettier pictures....

we had our family pictures taken this year!!
photographer - sunsun & soosoo.

i noe its way overdued.
but since internet has been pretty nice to me...


life goes on



i cant wait till genting

i had a dream.
a bad bad dream.

a dream about him.
isnt tat odd?

haih. oh well. its just a dream
nthg but taers on my pillow.

great cause. willing heart. insufficient guts.

Criterias for selection.
1. Preferably single. Below 33 yrs old
2. Valid driving licence
3. Willing to take 10 days of annual leaves to go on this trip.
4. An artistic talent, be it music, art, videographing, writing,etc.
5. Cares for and believe this cause
6. Able to articulate the cause and purpose.


Sobs sobs. I wanna join…
No guts.

I was reading it… and then when I stopped at No. 4….
“artistic talent”….

I wish.

Thursday, June 18


its so freaking hot these days.
i feel like sleeping naked.


Wednesday, June 17

"caryn frenching the cake"

told cha...
and the painful, traumatizing face painting begins...
oh tuhan tolong lah saye.
wishan says this is the "write azimat" pose.

the culprits.
u all wait la... whose bday is next??

Tuesday, June 16

finally some photos...

yea... aku punya 21st.
yea... i noe... slow.....
reason: baaaaaad internet.... & embarrassing photos.

the bunch of ppl hiding behind the counter.
:cartoonz: mandy,siewkuan,kimchoon (wishan at home)
& tzer
Topper!!! (and kokyee kor in KL)
my WWF t-shirt guy!! i want more shirt can a?
wanna buy!!
dont even ask HOW or WHY i became liddat...


cheers. :)
next post shall begin with the awful sight of (quote sue ee) "caryn french kissing the cake".


Monday, June 15

my 21st bday photos....!!

i realy wanna post dem up...
trying to hard to filter dem....

but they ALL look so freaking ambaressing!!!!!!!!!1



Thursday, June 11

english smenglish!! up Up UP and away!~

Lovers of the English language might enjoy this.
It is yet another example of why people learning English have trouble with the language.
Learning the nuances of English makes it a difficult language.
(But then, that's probably true of many languages.)

There is a two-letter word in English
that perhaps has more meanings than any other two-letter word,
and that word is 'UP.'

It is listed in the dictionary as being used as an [adv],> [prep], [adj], [n] or [v].
It's easy to understand UP,
meaning toward the sky or at the top of the list,
but when we awaken in the morning, why do we wake UP?
At a meeting, why does a topic come UP ?
Why do we speak UP,
and why are the officers UP for election

and why is it UP to the secretary to write UP a report?
We> call UP our friends
and we use it to brighten UP a room, p
olish UP the silver, we warm UP the leftovers
and clean UP the kitchen.

We lock UP the house and some guys fix UP the old car.
At other times the little word has a real special meaning.
People stir UP trouble,
line UP for tickets,
work UP an appetite,
and think UP excuses.

To be dressed is one thing but to be dressed UP is special.

And this UP is confusing:
A drain must be opened UP because it is stopped UP.
We open UP a store in the morning
but we close it UP at night.

We seem to be pretty mixed UP about UP !
To be knowledgeable about the proper uses of UP ,
look the word UP in the dictionary.

In a> desk-sized dictionary, it takes UP almost 1/4 of the page
and can add UP to about thirty definitions

If you are UP to it, you might try building UP a list of the many ways UP is used.
It will take UP a lot of your time,
but if you don't give UP,
you may wind UP with a hundred or more!!

When it threatens to rain, we say it is clouding UP .
When the sun> comes out we say it is clearing UP.
When it rains, it wets UP the earth..

When it does not rain for awhile, things dry UP.
One could go on & on, but I'll wrap it UP , for now ........
my time is UP , so time to shut UP!

Oh...one more thing:
What is the first thing you do in the morning & the last thing you do at night?
wake UP?
brush UP?
wash UP?

Don't screw up.

I'll shut up...

Wednesday, June 10

beautiful lesson.

this came to my mail some time ago.
very touching.
thought i'll share it here.


The girl in the picture is Katie Kirkpatrick, she is 21 .
Next to her, her fiancé, Nick, 23.
The picture was taken shortly before their wedding ceremony, held on January 11, 2005 in the US .
Katie has terminal cancer and spend hours a day receiving medication.
In the picture, Nick is waiting for her on one of the many sessions of chemo to end.
In spite of all the pain, organ failures, and morphine shots,
Katie is going along with her wedding and took care of every detail.
The dress had to be adjusted a few times due to her constant weight loss
An unusual accessory at the party was the oxygen tube
that Katie used throughout the ceremony and reception as well.
The other couple in the picture are Nick's parents.
Excited to see their son marrying his high school sweetheart.
Katie, in her wheelchair with the oxygen tube ,
listening to a song from her husband and friends .
At the reception, Katie had to take a few rests.
The pain did not allow her to stand for long periods

Katie died five days after her wedding day.

Watching a woman so ill and weak getting married
and with a smile on her face makes us think.....
Happiness is reachable, no matter how long it lasts .
We should stop making our lives complicated.

Life is short
Break the rules
forgive quickly
love truly
laugh constantly
And never stop smiling
no matter how strange life is
Life is not always the party we expected to be
but as long as we are here,
we should smile and be grateful.

Tuesday, June 9

21st birthday photos...1

oh shit.

birthday photos are out.



Monday, June 8

recap 3 - kuantan last

what is Kuantan popular for?

cheap seafood. :) check!
the beach. :) check!

cheap.... HAM YUUUUU!
salty fish!!

anyone know wat is this?
pretty hor?
its dried sting ray!
when there is HAM YUU...
there's bound to be...

omg! the lalats there are scary!
that wraps up kuantan.
more random shots below.

the ridiculus jammm on the way back...
*rolls eyes*



I'm No.2

I AM NOT STICKY LA!!!! but i'm irrestible! ;P

1号恋人:每月 1 日、10 日、19 日、28 日出生者
   1 号恋人的爱情是很浓烈的,平淡、细水长流的爱情不怎么能引起1号恋人的兴趣, 1号恋人也不喜欢自我折磨、压抑的恋情方式。对1号恋人来说,爱情就是应该正大光明、且充满喜悦与希望的,尤其你相当重视爱情的「相互性」,认为唯有双方 都能彼此吸引,才能够成爱情的基本条件, 1号恋人并不会苦苦追求心仪的对象,也甚少出现「死缠烂打」的状况。
  1号恋人和情人之间的互动就像一场狩猎游戏,不论是猎捕对方,或是让对方猎捕,1 号恋人时时不断在追求一种「征服」的刺激感。1号恋人期望与爱人能时时产生火花,时时确认双方在这段感情中的重要性;这样的1号恋人,当然也特别重视另一半的忠诚度啰!
  失恋症结点: 小心你的主观意识太强,时时要以你的意见为优先,伴侣可是会受不了的!  你是哪种1号恋人?
  每月1日出生的1号恋人: 特别喜欢主导情势,恋爱对象要够优秀、够特别才能够吸引他。
  每月10日出生的1号恋人: 很清楚自己要的是什么!猜来猜去的暧昧游戏会让他/她丧失耐性。
  每月9日出生的1 号恋人: 性格特别神秘、低调,别有一番吸引力;可与爱人打得非常火热,但也需要独处的时间。
  每月28日出生的1号恋人: 最为合群、温柔的 1号恋人,但若在金钱、事业上没有保障的话,可是无法专心谈感情的。

2号恋人:每月2 日、 11 日、 20日、 29日出生者
   2 号恋人是最容易进入恋爱的状况的恋人,不论是实际的或是想象的,2号恋人的罗曼史可是几乎从不间断的!基本上 2号恋人无法忍受寂寞攻势打动,甚至从不懂得明确地说不。 2号恋人喜欢与伴侣有形影不离的关系,喜欢彼此之间亲密的举动,是标准「甜腻型」的恋人,也特别容易受温柔、体贴的对象吸引。甜言蜜语和肢体的触碰,在 2号恋人的恋情里是不可缺少的!
  2号恋人非常禁不起摩擦和争吵,所有不和谐、不柔和的状态对2 号恋人来说,都是一种莫大 的压力。但是 2号恋人很容易心软,也堪称复合率最高的数字,2 号恋人很难拒绝他人的柔情攻势,往往禁不起恋人的苦苦哀求,又重新回到曾经伤害自己的人身边。
  失恋症结点: 2 号恋人甜起来很甜,黏起来却也很黏!「甜蜜的负荷」最适合形容2号恋人,小心让恋人喘不过气而逃之夭夭!
  你是哪种 2号恋人?
  每月2日出生的2号恋人: 不会令人猛然惊艳,但相处起来后劲却很强!脾气好到让人不忍拒绝。
  每月11日出生的2号恋人: 外表冷静温和,内心却极度热情,这种时动时静的特 质,特别引人玩味。
  每月20日出生的2号恋人: 不会去抢人群中的锋头,但天生具备一股令人注意的魅力,人们就是会记住 20日的恋人!
  每月29日出生的2号恋人: 最懂得掌控「需要」与「被需要」之间的权力关系,恋人特别会心甘情愿跟随29 日的恋人!

3 号恋人:每月3 日、12 日、21 日、30 日出生者
  3号恋人是属于活在当下的恋人,不实际的事物,很难让他们发生幻想,因此需要很直接的、感官的吸引,像是姣好的面孔、飘逸的长发、容易吸引 3号恋人,这种特质让 3号恋人顺利荣登外貌协会第一号会员!玲珑的曲线、厚实的胸膛都特别…
   基本上3号恋人不太喜欢用理智的态度来面对爱情,认为爱情最重要的就是「感觉」;因此, 3号恋人很喜欢和对象搞点小把戏,沉浸在一片爱情的美好气氛里,正是爱情的最大意义。因此,当感情出现问题,或是悲伤、愤怒…等负面的情绪时,都需要动脑 来解决,这正是最令 3号恋人最反感的部分,也是最不耐的部份。很有趣的一点是, 3号恋人看起来总较同年龄的人年轻,其实活泼的性态度正是3 号恋人保持青春、活力的主因之一喔!
  失恋症结点: 当心啊,美丽的、刺激的事物是如此容易吸引你的目光,你的一颗心也就暂时跟着飞了,恋人们可不能常常饱受这种恐惧呀
!  你是哪种 3号恋人?
  每月3 日出生的3号恋人: 好玩、活动力强、热爱生命,恋人最好懂得与他一起在社交、游乐世界里翩翩起舞。
  每月12日出生的3号恋人: 既懂得掌握自己的原则,又能同时满足他人,这一型的恋人是个人风格明显的个体,让人的目光难以转移。
  每月21日出生的 3号恋人: 豁达、乐观的生活态度,不自觉地就感染他人,让人在不觉中,就已经对这种感觉上瘾。
  每月30 日出生的3号恋人: 看起来是这么地活泼灵动,内涵却又有深度得很,令人喜欢与他为伍,又喜欢向他看齐。

4 号恋人:每月4 日、13 日、 22 日、31 日出生者
  对4号恋人来说,安全感永远是第一考量,不过,第二、第三、第四考量恐怕还是安全感。  4号恋人对爱情的观念很传统,会以相当认真的态度去面对和经营爱情。要4 号恋人主动出击…嘿嘿,他们可不轻易打没有把握的仗;不过,当有人对 4号恋人主动表示好感的时候, 4号恋人往往会以最快的速度跳入陷阱。
  只不过,4 号恋人还是很坚持原则的,再怎么爱、再怎么盲目,若对方不能达到4 号恋人最基本的要求——也就是对方不能独属你一人时,4号恋人最终还是会从短暂的盲目中清醒,脱离这段没有结果的关系。
  4 号恋人特别需要安全感,所以也特别需要了解和掌握恋人的一切。4号恋人一向是看准了、了解了、做好准备了…才会付出行动;因此, 4号恋人的对象往往是从身边的朋友下手,从一般的关系开始萌生爱情的嫩芽。
  失恋症结点: 小心你的主观意识太强,时时要以你的意见为优先,伴侣可是会受不了的!  你是哪种 4号恋人?
  每月4 日出生的4号恋人: 最理想的贤妻良母、好丈夫类型,生活的细节靠他准不会出错。
  每月13日出生的4号恋人: 13日的恋人很讨厌落单,偏偏他们也真有本事,就是让你心甘情愿跟他东奔西走的。
  每月22日出生的4号恋人: 直觉既强又准的恋人,对于他们的原则,你还是跟着照办为妙吧!
  每月31日出生的4号恋人: 外表规矩、内心狂放,表里落差最大的恋人,越深入了解越有挑战性!

5 号恋人:每月5 日、14 日、23 日出生者
   对5号恋人来说,爱情和日常生活并没有太大的不同,「新鲜感」永远是 5号人生活中的最高指导原则,因此, 5号人从不是一个专心的恋人,5 号恋人无法只把爱情或是伴侣放在第一位。在这种前提之下,「短而有力」的爱情火花特别吸引5 号恋人,而那些头脑聪明、有特殊才能的对象也让你感到深具挑战性。
  比起恋人,5号恋人更像是称职的玩伴,总是有满满的精力等着去探索世上 更多有趣的事情,如果情人给 5号恋人太多的束缚和限制,可是会让 5号恋人想要逃开!不过相对的, 5号恋人也很公平,他们能给予伴侣很大的空间,因为,深知自由有多可贵的,当然非5 号恋人莫属啦!
  失恋症结点: 5 号恋人的生活都特别随性、灵活,伴侣很难掌握你的行踪和你的心!如果遇上特别需要安全感的伴侣,两方可有得考验啦!
  你是哪种5 号恋人?
  每月5日出生的5 号恋人: 好奇心极强的生活玩家,有这样的情人,再平常的生活小事,都会变得乐趣十足!
  每月14日出生的5号恋人: 14 日出生的恋人既干脆又直接,不矫作的作风,很容易获得同性和异性的欣赏。
  每月23日出生的5号恋人: 23 日出生的恋人,最懂得规划自己的生活,情人或伴侣,只是一个部份而已,别想黏得太紧啊!

6号恋人:每月 6日、 15日、 24日出生者
   6 号恋人是标准甜腻型的恋人,很懂得藉由身边的事物传达情感,也能说出一口漂漂亮亮的情话,对于心中的感觉,6号恋人从来无法压抑或等候,一定要充分表现出 来。对 6号恋人来说,爱不能光说不练,要付诸实际行动才算,因此,在人群中很容易找出 6号恋人的情人,两人的动作、话语可是相当亲昵的。
   6号恋人不仅懂得为伴侣营造浪漫的气氛,自己本身也很容易被浪漫的情境打动,6 号恋人很容易对一首小诗、一段歌词或是一句名言产生感觉,也很容易被一个强烈的眼神所征服。基本上6 号恋人需要和伴侣维持紧密的关系,你无法忍受分隔两地或是行径太过独立的恋人,因此,6号恋人需要对伴侣透彻的了解,最好能全盘掌握他的伴侣。
  失恋症结点: 太腻爱自己的情人,反而让情人喘不过气!什么都想为情人打点、准备,对方反而会觉得在跟自己的老爸老妈谈恋爱哩            
你是哪种6 号恋人?
  每月6日出生的 6号恋人: 6 日出生的人是最懂得浓情蜜意的恋人!想要挑战的人,可得先做好一点心理准备,他们强烈的爱意可不是那么容易招架的。
  每月15日出生的 6号恋人: 认真的男人 / 女人最美丽,15日出生的恋人对家庭 和正义热情专注的模样,足以让人深深吸引。
  每月24日出生的 6号恋人: 完美主义型的恋人,就连他本人,都完美得难以挑剔。

7号恋人:每月 7日、 16日、 25日出生者
   号恋人的神秘感,让他们有一种说不上来的性感和魅力。 7号恋人可说是天生的恋人,认为恋爱关系必须具备性原始的吸引力。 7号恋人拥有非常丰富的想象力,在 7号恋人的爱情里,幻想的成分要比其它恋人大得多哩!因此,在恋爱关系中,7 号恋人也尽量避免正面表露或接受爱意,他们喜欢且擅长用暗示、蛇行的方式前进,因为太直接的方式只能有一种意义——就是字面上的意义,如此一来,7 号恋人赖以维生的想象的空间便会消失殆尽。
  7号恋人就像是「天生的孤独者」,通常 7号的恋人喜欢自己和自己作伴,喜欢自己决定、安排生活,在恋人关系中也比较以自我为考量。所以呢, 7号恋人也叫做"part time lover",兼职的情人,他们无法全天候待命,很需要自我的空间。若和 7号恋人感情想要走得长久,对方必须要能够给予很大的空间和距离。
  失恋症结点: 过于敏感的 7号恋人,为了避免无谓的冲突,常常选择以一种不在乎、冷漠的态度面对事物,却也常常造成伴侣的误解和伤害。
  每月7日出生的7号恋人: 7日出生的恋人喜欢独来独往,偏偏看似无人可亲近,越让他们的身价上扬!
  每月16 日出生的7号恋人: 16日出生的恋人,天生拥有一股高贵又冷静的气质,他越是保持距离,就让人越想一探究竟!
  每月25 日出生的7号恋人: 25日出生的恋人观察力、理解力一流,让人觉得与他们心意相通。

8号恋人:每月 8日、 17日、 26日出生者
  8 这个数字天生就拥有强大的能量,在 8号恋人身上,也有一股足以蛊惑人般的魅力,这股饱含能量的气质让8号恋人的魅力浑然天成,宛如天生的爱情操盘手。
   掌控的权力关系对 8号人来说是很值得玩味的游戏,和恋人之间, 8 号人就相当热衷于这样的角力游戏,尤其喜欢彼此受对方强烈的吸引,我们形容8 号恋人可以用一支小指头驾驭他的恋人,而且对方还乐于被他指使,8 号恋人就是有这样的能耐,宛如爱情中高高在上的王者,不容侵犯。
  这样王者般的恋人其实希望恋人的目光永远只在自己身上,但王者的尊严又不允许 8 号恋人在情感上认输,因此, 8号恋人从不喜欢刻意展示自己和情感,可是不论他们看起来多么冷静、无情,其实心底还是很向往热情,尤其对执着的恋情渴望得很。
  失恋症结点: 8号恋人通常爱得重、恨得也重,另一半必须心脏够强,能够担负得起才行。  你是哪种8 号恋人?
  每月8日出生的8号恋人: 8 日出生的恋人有魔力般的魅力,但是想要掌控他们却是难上加难,倒不如自己投降来得快些。
  每月17日出生的8号恋人: 17日出生的,是最冷静、理智的恋人,往往感情反而得要靠着理性,维持得比谁都长。
  每月26 日出生的8号恋人: 看似柔情似水,却是无比坚毅的恋人,软硬兼施的高明手段,在情路上相遇可是加倍的刺激过瘾哩!

9 号恋人:每月9 日、18 日、27 日出生者
  9 号恋人是「天生的付出者」,天生乐意去取悦他人,只要对方可以接收得到、能够感到快乐,这就是 9号恋人最大的回报。不过, 9号恋人虽然不公开表示,但在内心里,对于同等的关爱和回报,也是很渴望的。
   9号人天生乐观、幽默,但 9 号恋人看似拥有开放的心态,实际上在爱情上还是属于比较保守的一派。基本上9 号恋人很重视「正式」的关系,偷偷摸摸的、或是「地下情人」这种身分, 9 号恋人都无法忍受,很快就会结束这种关系。此外, 9号恋人对伴侣的要求很高,希望对方有专业能力、才华、魅力…基本上他人肯定、称赞自己的伴侣,对 9 号恋人就像是情话般动听。  失恋症结点: 真不知道 9号恋人是要一个崇拜对象呢?还是一个恋人?有时过度在意对方的条件、背景,反而会让感情变得很现实。
  你是哪种9 号恋人?
  每月9日出生的9号恋人: 心态开放,对每件事物都抱着强烈的兴趣,有他,生命让人觉得更精彩,是个很好的玩伴和生活伴侣。
  每月18 日出生的9号恋人: 一眼看不完,内在值得细细品味的恋人。
  每月27 日出生的9号恋人: 极度锐利的理性和感性,让 27日出生的恋人成为一种奇妙的综合体,让人不禁想要弄清楚,自己到底在不在他的脑袋瓜子里?


Sunday, June 7

recap 2 - Kuantan cont.

our journey continues from Kuantan - teluk cempedak.

cousin keith
went crazy with the pink rubber balloon
i wonder how he maintains his "cool-macho-swimmer" reputation in school.
when i keep posting crappy shots like these...
next mornin we went to near my old house to eat ...
mom's been craving these laksa for soooo long.

is where i was born!!

more next time.

vivian & tzer

promised vivian dearest that we'd go yumcha one day.

after so many cancelations & problems.
we finally decided tat we're gonna go yumcha ANYWAY!
just the 2 of us!

tzer was invited by chance since viv saw him on9 tat day.
so the 3 of us went to civitas for a dinner-supper-yumcha session.


settled my policy issues with tzer. after a while he had to go for bu-si-ness purposes.

so us 2 gals sat down n chat.
its really nice talking to vivian.
she was always a very quiet person.

but yesterday night i think we talked for so long.
form ex boyfriends to friends.
to our group friends to everything.

she is a very warm n caring person.
such a sweet & delightful person.

she always thinks that she isnt good enough.
when sumtimes she just dun realize that, she is just great!

believe me girl, its his lost & his immaturity for the events that happened.
its jus timing.

she's my angel.

Saturday, June 6

my 21st birthday - friends

friends have been great company especially during this yrs situation.

Tzer, mandy, kimchoon, siewkuan, Christopher & KokYee,Wishan (in spirit)dragged me out for a surprise birthday gathering.
I still dunno whose idea was it.
but a short simple makan session was definitely perfect as i couldnt get away for too long.

i dont have the pictures.
will share them when i get a hold of them fugly pictures.
pictures of me crying on my 21st.


gosh i love them so much.


recap part 1

i know i havent been blogging properly for a while.

well.... internet has been crappy at home.
so heres a recap.
*while its stil working.* :)

my 21st birthday

its been great fun!
not the "i'm-an-adult" fun... but its been very meaningful.
few days before my birthday. Manage to get dad out for abit.
and the family, we went for a short trip down Kuantan.
Dad brought me to the place that i was born, but a place which i do not have any memories of at all..
So, Kuantan & I met! :)

the hotel we stayed.
: more random shots:
-sorry for the random shots-
macro fetish.
ukiran pahang
kuantan, pahang.
yummy seafood.
and then we went to teluk cempedak.
souvenirs sold($.$")

more pictures and update... soon...
tomorrow perhaps!!


voices of new malaysia