Monday, November 30

sometimes i wonder

sometimes i wonder
what is on your mind
sometimes i wonder
if i may still be blind
sometimes i wonder
if its me u miss
sometimes i wonder
if i'm jus a "has-been" on the list
sometimes i wonder
when u will bring down those walls.
sometimes i wonder
if they'll ever come down at all
sometimes i wonder
from the sincerity from your eyes
sometimes i wonder
if its with me your true heart lies.
i wonder if you'll ever muster the courage
to tell me what i need to hear
to hold me and shw me
that all u need is to have me near.

Saturday, November 28

Thursday, November 26


well... twilight is out!
*teenage girls screams & swoons*

Everyone seems to love Edward. :S
I find his character very indecisive and a bit too fickle minded for my liking. He wants Bella, he doesn't want Bella, then he wants her again and dowan again, yada yada yada. MAN FRIGGIN MAKE UP YOUR MING ALREADY! =.="

It is Jacob's undying & unrelenting love for Bella that I find most admirable. Of course it helps that he takes off his shirt (EYES WIDE OPEN) revealing his rippling muscles from the very start la! *cheeky* And as the story goes, Jacob decides to cut his hair short and, ahem, couldn't even be bothered to wear a shirt, come rain or shine. oh the rain!
:) oooo.....

Edward or Jacob, you guys battle it out la! But hor...I don't like Bella. She is getting more annoying with each passing scene and shot. I mean, can the girl make up her mind? ish ish.

Sunday, November 22

april's birthday

april's 21st birthday
so we-the leftovers at M'sia decided to celebrate together gether
Kuala Lumpur 12am 21/11/09
Scotland 4pm 20/11/09
everyone headed to my hse.
we tahpao-ed McD for supper at the drive thru.
wishan slept.....
i bathed....
sk n mp using the lappys...
and all 4 of us snoozed on a queen size bed.
dad said it was AMAZING that we still can.
of course i did not tell him...
how we rebut blankets...
and squished each other during the whole sleeping process la!
Kuala Lumpur 6am 21/11/09
Scotland 10 pm 20/11/09
April texted and said she'll be late as she's still outside....
Kuala Lumpur 6.30am 21/11/09
Scotland 10.30pm 20/11/09
we slowly wake up and waited....
and waited...
and waited...
started to "test drive" skype abit with each other.
Kuala Lumpur 7.45am 21/11/09
Scotland 11.45 pm 20/11/09
April still nt home yet.
wishan had to go 1st coz she has an event later at 1 Utama.
Kuala Lumpur 8am 21/11/09
Scotland 12am 21/11/09
she's back!

oh boy she looked so tired.

she's gonna kill me.
but i don't care!

i love that she's so wacky!!

apple n banana juice.
i wonder how they taste like.

her brand new boots!
oh how we missed her so. :)
boobie talk, hokkien lingo, leanring to curse in hokkien!
her toilet, our McD supper, her place,
work, how-r-u?, i miss u, i love u! kisses n hugs!
happy 21st love...
dad says its almost like we're having a Long Distance Relationship with you!
except, this doesnt include "i wonder what she's doing;is she sleeping around behind my back?;is she meeting other guys behind my back?;is she cheating on me??!!" drama.
it's all good. :)

Tuesday, November 17

KTM moments

How I missed taking the train to work.

The standing pregnant lady; the cute toddler chewing on mom’s wallet; the indifferent mom reading her magazine; the snoozing dad sleeping at the side; the uptight OL (Office Lady) screening through her copy of The Sun; the cute Architecture student with his tubes & rulers & BAGS of equipments; the (lala) UBER METROSEXUAL dude stroking his arm; the smooching couple in love; the hawt plastic college Ms Popular & her posse (Ms Popular has a nice rack and sexy long legs); the protective bf guarding his gal; the old man who talks to anyone in the train; the wailing baby; the studious student with her brick-like books; the flirtatious “couple to be” (not couple yet la, not holding hand or anthing but flirting bahz… touch arm, light punch, giggles)…

Lastly, Korean couple walking into the train and started argue & fighting from Subang Station to KL Central. Haha. Hot girlfriend with nice body, sexy outfit and HOT temper; not-so-good-looking boyfriend with GREAT temper and ENORMOUS patience. Interesting. I don’t understand what they were arguing about but she was mad, is REALLY PISSED MAD.

Heehee. Very interesting.

SC bank killed me with their very slow service & crappy system mixed up. URGH!

Sunday, November 15


Penang with half the cartoonz and 1 new sub-member.

Wishan's graduation Trip
Makan Makan Trip.

Land of glorious FOOD!

asam laksa.
fried/roast chicken wings!
Yummy Dim Sum!
Char Kuay Tiawww!
with HUGE prawns!
our additional little critter!
KOKORO the (sick) long coat chihuahua

our ridiculous little random stuff!
:: sleeping together gether ::
hiao po / siao po tan wishan


did i mentioned HIAO PO?
oh yea. got.
hiao po ms tanwishan!

Mandy getting annoying with me constantly snapping away!

mandy n me!

us as Batu Feringghi!

Mr Boss / wishan's sub member!/ our Penang Guide!

a little smthg i brought back from Bukit Bendera!

More photos soon in Facebook! :)

Thursday, November 12

why i love thursday nights?

when everyone comes back.
even the married ones.
cindy & alan
cindy's tummy
*shy d*
cyn & elyssa
cyn & ethan

its been pretty messed up at home sometimes.
but yet.
we need to always look thru the clouds to find the silver lining.
sumtimes susah la.
but we have to anyway right?
arguments . virus . headaches . period cramps . thalasemia . blood transfusion
cholic . weight lost . weight gained . philipines . vietnam . conference . working shifts
gynecologist . ultra sounds .
oh well.
it aint life if there's no drama huh?

teaching me how to love you

Saw this from Karen's blog. went to check out the song.
Nice. :)
Her name was Sarah Jean, it was a night like this
In front of the Dairy Queen, she gave me my first kiss
I was just ten years old, so I never knew
She was teaching me how to love you
After the high school dance, in my ol' man's car
Holdin' Carol Ann, I tried to go too far
When she said "no", I didn't have a clue
She was teaching me how to love you
Every hand we hold, every bridge we burn
Every story told was another lesson learned
A few years ago, I met jill one night
Man I loved her so, but I didn't treat her right
When she left me there with my heart broke in two
She was teaching me how to love you
Every hand we hold, every bridge we burn
Every single story told is another lesson learned
So if I should glance in your rearview mirror
At every failed romance that brought you here
Honey, I can't be hurt by what I see
They were teaching you how to love me
They were teaching you how to love me
Blaine Larsen


Whichever idiotic person who deleted ALL my stickies.

All my reminders & to do lists!!
All 32 items of my to do list!


I swear I’m so pissed mad now I’d yank out his balls and play ping pong with them damned balls!!!


Wednesday, November 11

simple math

watever happened to 1+1 = effing 2?

fulfillment does not = promotion

job+family+arguments-friends = life

life+stress-period(last month)+junk food + periodx2(this month) = PAINNNNNN
doc+painkillers=lala land
doc+ painkillers+recommendation to a gynecologist +ultra sound = cuckoo shit

cheeseburgers + fried chicken + chewing gum = happy food
happy food = life - cuckoo shit

whose gonna bring me some McD eh?

Monday, November 9



Friday, November 6

wishan's graduation

my dear cartoonz bestie wishan has graduated!
so i was the designated photographer!
in the hall.
:) tanwishan
her wacky colleague frens! really nice n fun people!

more pictures to come ppl! wishan wans to filter them 1st:P
these were posted ILLEGALLY while wishan is still asleep!

and off we go Penang...

Monday, November 2

Namewee ... I like. :)

this is blardy kukubird funny!


Tabula Rasa

Tabula rasa

(Latin: blank slate)

refers to thesis that individuals are born without built-in mental content

and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception.

i didn't know he was this deep. wahahahahahha
true tho. i agree

Sunday, November 1

webmailing on a sunday

i dun usually check my mails on Sundays.

but today i did.
and i saw this mail which i immediately clicked on it.

My Last Tips & Reminder by II
Every time someone asks me what I like the most about LB, I would answer, "The people". And it's still true. I love each and everyone in LB, down to the cleaners and tea lady. But sometimes, you have to let go of the things you love, for whatever reasons. As for me, I'm going to see what the world has to offer and try to be a better person. I have every intention of coming back, though. If not as an employee, I would do so as a friend.

And oh, for my tips and reminder, I have only one. To keep love in your hearts, to understand other people's point of views instead of just your own, and to respect the people around you, whether they are the toilet cleaner or the Prime Minister.

tears welled up as i read thru the long email.
gosh i missed him.

we were talking the other day, a few of us on Friday. That a teammate & II won't be around in the office anymore starting next week. It's really depressing as these people were one of the handful of sincere true ppl around. People that tell it as it is. People that wouldn't be afraid to say things straight.

To meet people like these in an office setting is really difficult. Thankfully, they're not the only ones, office environment at LB ain't half that bad. Just that... it's depressing nonetheless.

To the man to 1st brought me around the office. Who brought me to my place and introduced me around the office. To the man to offered to "tour me around" when ppl say i was a SMI. To a hell of a stand in copywriter. To the most entertaining brand coordinator i've met. haha. happy days. I miss him.

As for her, i'd truly wished her all the best. May she learn to trust herself and love herself more. May she spread her wings and truly take in what the world has to offer. May she be all that she is and never ever doubt her own self. May she learn and grow and finally achieve all that she has set out to conquer.

Bon voyage my dears friends.

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