Thursday, September 25

Chinese Title: 內衣少女
Genre: Comedy
Director: Chan Hing Kai
Producer: Janet Chun
Stephy Tang
Tsui Tin Yau
Janice Man
Kathy Tong
Ronald Cheng
Isn't eight years too long to wait for a spinoff to La Brassiere? Writer-director Chan Hing-Ka obviously thinks not, because he's given us La Lingerie, another film about how a woman's undergarments hold the key to the exhortations of her modern soul.
Lingerie, love and loss are the three words with which I can best describe this film.
Miu, Donut, Celine and CC come from different walks of life. However, their love lives are tied together by a common thread (or shall we say, strap) la lingerie.
Sounds appealing? You bet! You won't be disappointed if you're in just for the title of the movie, as there is an endless flow of lingerie for your eyes to feast on. Of course, the also come with lovely ladies to show them off.
In this film, Miu is the main character, however, the stories that revolves around the other three girls are much more juicier. The combination of the different lives that these girls experience is good and that it gives variety, as not all of their stories have that plain old expected fairytale ending.
It is indeed truthful to reality at some point.In the beginning, the story is very promising to the movie title and soon seductive scenes and slow motion movements begin to roll. They make you want to giggle sheepishly or laugh out loud. As you go on, somehow you will be left to wonder if this film is really about lingerie or about men's crazy obsession to devirginise women.
The movie implies that there supposedly is an expiry date to a virgin! You will come across many ridiculously funny scenes when the new boss, Prince Antonio arrives. He has officially coined a never-before-heard term for 'safe sex' that will leave you wanting more of his sexual definitions. When this supposedly 'safe sex' is performed, you can't help but feel sad and laugh at both parties.
As the film nears its end, a very meaningful moral lesson is learnt and it was witty the way both directors combined bras with a women's heart. Moreover, an interesting insight on lingerie as every bra has its own story and perhaps a hidden secret.
In a nutshell, this film is more than about lacy undergarments, it is about the love they learn and that not every girl ends up like a Cinderella. although, i would wonder at times, would it have been a better show if it was less a comedy and more realistic? then it'll be jus a remake of "sex and the city" in cantonist.... ceh!
sem 6

every sem, i come back here full of energy and emotions.
every semester is so different.
its so overwhelming. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

i noe every sem i'm bound to use the word "overwhelming".
but its truly the only word i can think of to describe what i've gone thru.
to the extend that every time i lie down in my bed and look back of this passed 3 months.
the sense of accomplishment and the rpide just welds me to tears.
its not that i've done very well.
i'll admit, this semester was rather bumpy and i might nt even come out good.

but nonetheless, the results on my card will never do justice to the feeling, the experience and the journey itself.

the experience. interning at a real advertising agency. to be doing jobs and work that really matters. of course being yelled at and screwing up. doin mistakes is also part of my journey there. but the point is that i've learnt so much and taken so much from this journey. the people, the work, the whole package!

to move out for this 3 months, to learn to pick myself up everytime i fell down. to be alone and by myself. as scary as it seems. i'm proud of those moments.

the time when my car fell into this lubang early in the morning. and i had to run everywhere to find ppl nice enough to risk being late to work and help me carrylift my car out. running everywhere, asking everyone! in freaking damansara!!! the end, ppl did help, eventho a gazillion ppl turn me down. but the ones that did. wow!

the presentations, doing job on my own. handling real projects.
it was the bomb!

yesterday was the official end of my semester 6. we did the almost 40 page report, our presentation, the evaluation the interview. everything. i noe i may not fair very well. but this time. sumhow, it didnt matter anymore. not that much.


Saturday, September 20

the other boleyn girl

Based on the best selling novel by Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl is an engrossing and sensual tale of intrigue, romance, and betrayal set against the backdrop of a defining moment in history.

Two sisters, Anne (Natalie Portman) and Mary (Scarlett Johansson) Boleyn, are driven by their ambitious father and uncle to advance the family’s power and status by courting the affections of the King of England (Eric Bana). Leaving behind the simplicity of country life, the girls are thrust into the dangerous and thrilling world of court life – and what began as a bid to help their family develops into a ruthless rivalry between Anne and Mary for the love of the king.

Initially, Mary wins King Henry’s favor and becomes his mistress, bearing him an illegitimate child. But Anne, clever, conniving, and fearless, edges aside both her sister and Henry’s wife, Queen Katherine of Aragon, in her relentless pursuit of the king. Despite Mary’s genuine feelings for Henry, her sister Anne has her sights set on the ultimate prize; Anne will not stop until she is Queen of England.

As the Boleyn girls battle for the love of a king – one driven by ambition, the other by true affection – England is torn apart. Despite the dramatic consequences, the Boleyn girls ultimately find strength and loyalty in each other, and they remain forever connected by their bond as sisters.

it's not to say super duper bombastic chunted la..
but to me its still alright.
more like a melodrama.
A depressing soap opera of a film, "The Other Boleyn Girl" makes early English history, at least for women, look like Hades itself. And maybe it was. After all, a woman's reputation and worth did not depend on so much on her education, personality and goodness.
tehre were time when you can actually look and think how incredible the show would have been!
A rather titillating take on a racy historical novel, this is perhaps too ambitious in intent. More time, or more pruning (perhaps they should just have focused on The Boleyn girl), would have produced a richer and more enjoyable film.

nonetheless....... : eric bana is HOT!


met up with stephy on 15th September.
i noe my blog lagging. sorry leerrr...... rushing finals bahz!!!

anyways, ya...
well...its kinda odd...
this "relationship" between miss_t and me.
i'm only meeting her for the 2nd time yunno!
we're kinda like quote "online-blog-buddies"...

ahahah...dun gimme that look....
even i amazed myself. not much of a "make fren with random ppl" person.
NOOO....not meeting random ppl online la!

jus 2 random person who has common a fren and got closer online.
:) yaaa... its a "long distance relationship" thingy.
but she was great.
it was a great night.

while waiting for her at midvalley.
i was standing there, trying desperately to recall every single picture of her from her blog.
when i met her, i'm still in shocked of how tall she is!
wahahah.... ya... she very the tall. effing 170!! i'm jealous.

ahahah... anyhoo, miss_t brought me to this jap shop in gardens.
my 1st blardy time in gardens! virgin trip to gardens wey.
i noe i jakun!
dun rub it in!
YA LA!!! stay in tree wan ma! blek!

anyways, pixs!
toilet shot. *blush*
i actually loved this shot!!! ngek ngek.
kudos to stephy! after jap food we went kim gary.
den....we went to watch a movie.

she seem rather shy.
wahahha...wat to do.
we talk talk with words on the monitor bahz!

stephy's in UK now.
do take care babe!


Tuesday, September 16


havent been doing tags...
infact havent been tagged for a long time... * i tink* muahahha...
went to kehpo kehpo at stephy's blog...
tot mayb will find photos...
mana tao kena tagged.

Name: Caryn Yeo
Sisters: two sisters
Brother: uno 1 brother. 2 brother in laws tho. :p
Shoe size: 6
Height: 157cm. gosh i noe i pendek la!
Where do you live: land of the famous Bak Kut Teh- KLANG

Favorite drinks: COKE! yea...coke addict.
Favorite breakfast: eggs and sausages? bake beans too. and a few toast bread! wahahaha.
Have you ever been on a plane: yeaaa....
Swam in the ocean: yes. snorkeling as well! :)
Fell of your chair: being a clutz... yes! like a gazillion zillion times?
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: i did. erm...i stil do sumtimes. :/
Saved e-mails: YUUUUUUPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loads.

What is your room like: hmm... full of alot of stuff? XD
What's right beside you: my handphone. *blushes*
What's the last thing you ate: mom's chilli chicken and fried rice.

Ever had chicken pox: no... :( worried.
Sore throat: having now. sighs!
Stitches: hmm... i dun recall... lolx!
Do you believe in love at first sight: ehehhe... NO! i believe in drop dead macho gorgeous studs! :) but nt love...nvr at 1st sight.

Like picnics: love it!!!! especially outdoors!
Who was the last person you dance with: eh...erm... wahahha... my reflection in the bathroom mirror! OMG!
Last made you smile: daddy dancing around for an arguement won. wahahhah
You last yelled at: my dogs.

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: if i dun like em...y talk to them?!
Kissed anyone: naaaah.
Talk to an ex: tday ka....? er... no.
Miss someone: missing everything. :(
Eat: i'm a pig. how can i ever not eat? you should be asking how many meals i took! hehe

Best feeling in the world: feeling as tho u BELONGED there.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: heheh...yes...tortoises.
What's under your bed: boxes! :) memories.
Who do you really hate: wow. liars.
What time is it now: 12.45am ...i'm bored.

Is there a person who is on your mind now: mr. McD. shit! i'm hungry again.
Do you have any siblings: yes. tot i answered?
Do you want children: not really hyper bout kids. :(
Do you smile often: aiiikss... i tink i do... but ppl say i dun smile enough. kononnye i lan c la.! BLEK!
Do you like handwriting: yes. i love handwriting. writing means so much more than typing.
Are your toenails painted:
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: soft warm cuddly lovely bed. grins.
What color shirt are you wearing now: gosh. wat if i'm typing naked? wahhaha... white shirts dearies! dun let yer minds wonder so far.

What were you doing at 7.00pm yesterday: driving down midvalley to meet stephanie!!!
I can't wait till: sumone actually realised i'm back in klang and ask me go out.
When did you last cry: hmm... does smoking my goddamn eyes till they tear called cry too? wahah.. if yes. den tday la! if dunno.
Are you a friendly person: eheheh... i tink i am? do u?
Do you have any pets: i have 3 dogs. a gazzilion fishes and 2 turtles!

Where is the person you have feelings right now: chilling wit his brudders.
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now: hmm... yes? *blush*
Do you sleep with the TV on: i did before. tiredz man!
What are you doing right now: ini la! ape lagi!?
Have you ever crawled through a window: wahahha... yessssss!

Can you handle the truth: yea.. i'd prefer the truth anytime no matter how bad it is.

Are you too forgiving: everyone says so.. soooo YES!
Are you closer to your mother or father: daddy's girl. my mom cant stand me.
Who was the last person you cried in front of: stuffed turtles? wahahah
How many people can you say you've really loved: hmmm... a handful? so many! lolx! i'm a born lover!
Do you eat healthy: didnt i jus said i'm craving mcd's? waddaya think?
Do you still have pictures of you and your ex: yes. but its after we broke up.

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: sumwhere with trees, river or a lake and cool breeze.
Are you loud or quiet most of the time: i'm a quiet person. i insist on tat!
Are you confident: i tink so.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
when i was 10, i was running everywhere.
-still bugging my mom big time.
-tried climbing trees.
-my pinafore left in school while i run around in pants.
-watched alot of tv.
-weekly swimming before sending dad to the bus station.

5 things on my TO-DO list today:
- go tmnet(check)
-i'm bored.

5 snacks I enjoy:
- french fries
- chicken wings
- chocolate
- dried mangoes and strawberries!!!!
- erm... coke?

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire:
- get myself a BMW X5.
- do smthg bout abandoned / abused animals.
- travel!!!!!! everywhere.
- go on a loooooong vacation?
- erm... save up? invest?

5 of my bad habits:
- being alittle too boyish den i'm suppose to?
- peeling my lips.
- shaking my legs.
- eating...non stop.
- beating myself up.

5 people to tag:
- isis
- henry
- angie
- layhoon
- ning ning

Friday, September 5

oh my golly golly gosh!!!!
i'm stunned by the results!

What Caryn Means

You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.

You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.

A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.

You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.

You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.

You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.

You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

cut my hair

enough said... i shopped off my messy mane.

rambut ala Ying Ying

y? because i dunno y but i find it so similiar to isis (ying2) 's hair style when i 1st met her....



Thursday, September 4

love languages
i noe its kinda odd...
but i'm actually enjoying this understanding myself thingy...

Profile Results

Score Love Language
8 Words of Affirmation
10 Quality Time
1 Receiving of Gifts
2 Acts of Service
9 Physical Touch

How to interpret your Profile Score:

Your highest score indicates your primary love language. Your second highest score indicates your secondary love
language. If two scores are identical, you are bilingual (you have two primary love languages). If the scores of your
primary and your secondary language are close (for example, 10 & 9 respectfully), it indicates both are important to
you. Whatever a significant other does to express love in either of these languages will get emotional points with you.
The highest possible score for any language is 12.

Having a clear picture of your primary & secondary love languages will explain much of your past behavior Think back
over the past and ask yourself "What have I most often requested from significant others?" Chances are your answer
will lie within the scope of your primary & secondary love languages. You have been requesting that which would meet
your deepest need for emotional love.

Wednesday, September 3

the horoscopes and which CHAMPIONS they are! courstesy of vivian.
i tink its damn cute!

牡羊座. Aries
champion at being emotional/irrational , buat-dulu-baru-kesal , hot tempered!
also known for being very brave, willing and free spirited when it comes to love (nt hide here hide there wan!).

金牛座. Taurus
champions for their stabilize, matured nature, reliable, boleh-makan-pahit! :)
also known for being very thrifty (mayb a little kiamsiap) and money money money minded.

雙子座. Gemini
champions for being KEH POH & crazy and very noisy.
also known for being very inteligent and humourous.

巨蟹座. Cancer
champions for being Caring and homely.
also known for everything HO CHIAK makan makan and worrying too much.

獅子座. Leo
champions for being confident, cocky, ego!, show off.
also known for having great taste, sense of style and "gentleman/lady" attitude .

處女座. Virgo
champions for being detailed and thorough, picky, super duper hygenic.
also known for being very "mengada" and "lebih" (small issue, but kacau damn big!) and pandai jealous!

天秤座. Libra
champions for being vain, fickle minded and lazy!
also known for being very fair and righteous also good debating skills(=tak boleh cari gaduh wit dem, sure lose!)

天蠍座. Scorpio
champions for being loyal lovers, very attractive and wise.
also known for being cold and "acting cool!". (chiu!)

射手座. Saggitarius
champions for being playful, blur and cute!
also known for being daring enough to try new stuff, has a heart which holds no fortress. (means friendly la, dun tink bad bout ppl n shut ppl out wan)

摩羯座. Capricorn
champions for being very strictm calm and focused.
also known for being very patient but kinda kolot sumtimes.

水瓶座. Aquarius
champions for their curiosity and eagerness to learn.
also known for being very creative, innovative and "unique".

雙魚座. Pisces
champions for being over sensitive, over suspicious.
also known for being "soft hearted", dreamy (suke fantasy fantasy la) and they think too much.

ya... damn hurtful.
i'm named keh poh, crazy and noisy!
which is kinda true la i guess *blush*

its odd how we only truly see the picture when its about to end.

so many things.

nearing the end of my 2 and half yr course,
i finally realized that results arent everything i hav.
from this 2 and half yr i've learnt so much, i've met so many ppl.
i've grew so much (nt by size!..ok...maybe a little *blush*)

nearing the end of my internship,
i finally got no-so tied up with "what am i gonna score?"
or "is this gonna be in my evaluation?"
or "shit i screwed up again!".
i'm nt saying that it doesnt matter- coz it still does!
jus that there are more things i've gain thru this tiny hiccups.
the ppl that i've met, the accounts that i was handling.
the sense of accomplishment.
not to mention, learning how to "keep my cool" (nt freak out la! like jakun liddat!)

nearing the end of everything,
it always seems clearer.
it is correct that when ppl say:
when u've tried ur best, the rest doesnt matter.
(doesnt matter as much la!)
i tink tats how i got out of every relationship not-so-shattered.

i've tried my best.
if its nt enough for u, too bad!


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