Tuesday, November 11

ON la~!

after talking and "consulting" with some peers and friends.
i've decided this item below is for sale and order.

"i heart u"
description : 11cm x 15 cm (slightly bigger than quarter a4.)
2 cm thick.
hidden message board behind the frame.
with a stand for the frame to stand on its own.
price : RM 10
Color : ori combination- black, red and orange.
(customized color combination are also available for orders.)

i've always had a passion for handmade cards and gifts.
do email me if u are interested.

and if all goes well, i might come out with more!

Saturday, November 8

happy birthday!
happy birthday my love.
its been a blessing having u around.

guess thats the good thing about dating one of your best friends huh?
after 8 yrs, everything and anything is already known.
we actually ENJOY bugging each other!


you noe i love u.

Friday, November 7

lemme ask u a question.

if i were to make a gift like this.
would any of you all buy it?
how much would u buy it for?

its a handmade framed up heart shape.
the red seeds are wat the chinese ppl call "xiang shi dou".

would there be ppl interested to buy?

this is a serious question k?
do give me sum feedbacks!!!

Tuesday, November 4

last week.

drove down muar for a relatives wedding and my popo's bday.

had seafood lunch by the beach...

spotted these on the way out.
fond childhood memories ...
these toys...these playgrounds.

then it was popo's bday party.

13 tables.
hoho. i happen to be the queen of impulsive and bad haircuts.
i cut a hair again.
its even shorter now.
with bangs.

dunno wat made me do it.
hmmm...it looked okay at 1st.
regretted it since the second morning after i woke up.
i looked like a pineapple.

before we left muar the next day.
stopped by this art gallery that was going on in the centre of muar.
Lui Cheng Thak's solo exhibition on the Old Town Muar.
i think the title was "old toen old times".

this shop "hua nam" still exists. we still eat laksa at this shop every morning if we're in muar.
this building is about to be abolished.
it was beside the BIG pasar.

"wai sek kai". the hawker makan makan road.

he's a contemporary malaysian artist.
great with oil painting.
KL artist too!
always drawing heritage old building.

after that trip... i had my food poisoning on the 3rd day.
still running toilets till now.
wonder which wan killed me?
was it the party? or the wedding dinner?
or the suppers......?


daddy got bitten by dog.
7 puncture wounds on his left hand.

me in the midst of serious food poisoning.

kill me now.

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