Thursday, October 29

Kiki - Lala


For the butterfly & giraffes.
For the sparrow and the bookmarks.
For strawberries & chocolates.
For yummy lala fried rice.

For sparking my passion in arts.
For being the reason why I loved advertising!
For teaching me and pep talking me thru shits.

For the history.
For the crap we’ve gone thru.
For just being there.
For always being there.

For Diana Krall.
For hugs.


Tuesday, October 27

there are days

there are some days.
when u have nthg to do.
and u'll be sitting at ur place.
stalking people's fesbuk.
literally ITCHING for some work!!!

then there are some MORE days.
when work jus come falling down from the sky.
(in my case, from India Thai Sg and Aussie)
like no blardy business every 10 minutes!
and they wont stop until ur like burried under piles n piles of work!!!

my to do list has gone from (1) yesterday to (23) today!!

kill me.

Monday, October 26

Boy Toy / Toy Boy

weird dream.
so if i were to get a toy boy,
this is what he will look like.
really weird.

Sunday, October 25

swimming @251009

would you call spending almost 2 hours in a pool exercise?
depends what u were doing in the pool.
i did 18 laps tday. :)
so its good.
it was 80% swimming.
5% staring at this auntie who can swim laps NON STOP.
and 15% staring at uncle with firm, nice ass.
ok wert!!!
the fact is...
i realized i put on weight.
and i wanna lose weight.
without sacrificing glorious food! :)
so i went to a fellow bestie, Mandy!
who is also putting on weight due to college.
who also is not into the whole diet,
eat a stick of celery for lunch concept ppl.
and we decided to do a swimming, badminton plan. :)

let's see how it works.
i doubt we will lose weight,
coz we still eat a LOT!
but it was fun!
check out the butterfly tomato! :)and mandy's sea of speghetti-macaroni.

Friday, October 23


happy birthday mummy dearest!

twilight smilight.

sorry twi-hard fans.

i watched the highly anticipated twilight.
i remember itching to watch it sooooo badly, i love vampire movies!
but only to find a very draggy, predictable, sappy, typical teenage love story.

kinda potong stim la!
i thought i'd be smthg edgy and dark, over anticipated i guess.

i read the book, about this damned bloody gorgeous, suppose to knock-u-out charming vampire edward. Instantly images cam into my brains.
and when i watched the show, i rmb saying "so THATS edward?"
once again, expectations.

did reading the book spoil the show? YES!
but then again, thats jus wat I thought.

when the sequel : new moon came into the picture,
i didnt even raise an eyebrow.
i was like "eh... of course they wan a sequel! so many innocent naive teenage girls' & they innocent boyfriends' money to bank on!"
didn't really paid much attention to it.

then i found this guy.

tell me how to say no when theres this hunky dude in the show? shirtless too!
i'll always be a buffed-dark-handsome-warewolf fan over pale-skinny-fragile-"charming vampire fan ANYTIME.

sadness. How sick can people be.

Diliwat means sodomized.

3yr old child abused, raped & sodomized.
and the sad part is,
her mom defended her bastard boyfriend/murderer
and claimed that her maid was the culprit.

the thing is they dont have a maid.
sick people.

Read the news here (in BM though)
Mati akibat digoncang

Saturday, October 17


i wanted to name this post " dick's & hoes" initially.
buthen i rmb-ed i have family & colleague occasionally reading thru, so i scratched that title.

yunno theres this saying
"bros before hoes"
and the girls version of
"chicks before dicks"

its suppose to be this ultimate motto / code,
almost like this invisible existing "girl code".

"Bros before Hoes"
The unwritten law that your bros (male friends) should always become before hoes (female with whom you are/hoping to have a relationship with).that your hengtais will always come first before your gals (for dudes),
and then theres the female version
"Chicks before Dicks"
Used by women as meaning all female friends come before sex/hookups/bfs
and your girlfriends are more important then your bfs.

i am a avid believer of this rule actually,
not technically "GIRLFRIENDS" only, but my friend do come 1st in terms of a relationship,
and before them theres family.
so a relationship (to me) is normally the least of my worries / issues.

however, alot of my friends beg to differ.
(unfortunate for me)
but i have to come to terms that different people have different priorities.

i know i need to accept it,
sumtimes abit susah la.
hence this ranting post.


its even more obvious when everyone was single,
you'd probably see each other like monthly or something,
and they'll always be more involve in stuff to do or plan.
and after they're attached,
it'll probably mean u'll never ever see them anymore,
other than birthdays or some rare celebration.
because she'll probably "had plans already"



i love deepavali.

i love just taking a walk down "little india" with the dslr.

i adore the exotic indian culture so much.

maybe coz i grew up with them. but i love them still.
i still rmb when i was a kid, my babysitter told me i was gonna marry an indian boy!
and i smiled.

happy deepavali.

Sunday, October 11

daddy's little girl

spent the day today pretty peaceful.

woke up.
ate my half boiled eggs.
spent the day with daddy.

watched a lil bit james bond
listened to a bit abba.
fast and furious.
watched some cars.
chilled and drnk coffee while looking at the fishes.
lazed around the living room.

read them newspapers.
talked a lil on them MCA EGM and 2010 annual budget. :)
proceeded to some musicals & anita mui's concerts.
watched some disney's cartoons.

James Bond. Mamma Mia.
The Incredibles. Toy Story 2. Wall E.
i love being daddy's girl.

Saturday, October 10


mr no.7 in anita's fantasy concert is hot.
pretty & vain.
but nonetheless hot.

beats & bods :)

these songs have great beats.
where u can be pumping & nodding through the whole song!
especially during those mundane nights when u gotta rush some stuff...
and u wanna a simple quick pick me up!
but i gotta say.
he has a very very crude lyrics selection.
his lyrics are... well....
basically full of...
fun tho.
but demeaning.
i havent watched MTV since my colleague sleepless night.
buthen i caught a glispe of Pitbull's Hotel Room Service MTV.
and i gotta say....
*jaw dropper*

She like that freaky stuff, 2 in the oh! and 1 in the ah!, that kinky stuff,
you nasty, but I like your type and like TI its whatever you like.
Bring your girls its whatever tonight, your man just left,
i'm the plumber tonight, i'll check your pipes, oh, you the healthy type.
Well, here goes some egg whites. [WTF man?]
Now gimme that sweet, that nasty that gushy stuff, l
et me tell you what we gon do. 2, just 2, i'm gon undress you.
Then we're gonna go 3 and 3 you gon' undress me.
Then we're gon' go 4 and 4, we gon' freak some more!
Pit got it locked from brews to the locker,
All I.P uh, big and packer,
That he's not, but damn he's hot!
*continues bobbing head into the night*

Monday, October 5

Reika did my hair.

since was already gonna be at ampang the whole day.
i met up with Reika real quick!
i havent seen him since..... 2002...
aint that such a long period of time??!!
conclusion... we all changed. a lot.
back then he was known as CCW (full name not tobe disclosed. :P)
i had really REALLY frizzy hair back then too. almost look like cabbage!
*how i hate puberty*
as years gone by (and hormons stabilized), my hair tamed down as well.
but then again.
its stil really un-manageable!
in comes Reika, then i realized he's a hairstylist!
and he sounds pretty good... O.O
should i...??
I always had a phobia to cutting hair at random places.
as ppl always screws up my hair!
due to the bad texture of my hair :(
He assured me that he knows whats he's doing.
somehow. I believed him.
slightly nervous....
VERY nervous....
i went to the salon where he works.
on a VERY GOOD hair day.
my hair looks like this.
(with the help of a WHOLE LOT of ointment & creams!)






he really did it!
my hair never felt so soft & behaved so well since....
i was 12.
the thing i like best about Reika?
besides the fact that he DOES know what he's doing...
he's really nice & gentle
(i had a lot of "stylist" yanking my hair before. tak suke!!)
but he was really nice. he explain everything to me (as far as i can understand).
he did everything really carefully n precise.
he'd ask if it hurts when he trimmed my hair.
he even got me a cloth to cover my legs cause i was wearing a skirt.
I'm definitely happy.

Sunday, October 4

mid autumn festival

too many memories.
i need to stop.
mid autumn festival 2006.
i wanna hide n cry.

Saturday, October 3

Look Out Point

met up with L and hig gf - J tday for a late dinner after work, it was very nice of him.
to bring me out for makan.
i havent seen him since.... 2005??!!

it was a pretty fun night.
beautiful view.chilly weather. food aint bad la.

L&J also brought along a friend P!
she's really nice. these two PR girls damn cute.
honestly, after so much stressssss....
it feels kinda nice to be able to chill and just hang out for a lil while.

*when back waaaaaaaay pass my curfew as i was working late in the office as well.
dad forgave me after a lil manja-ing.

Friday, October 2


"u dont wanna be in a cubicle 10 yrs from now
wishing u had been more firm with what u wanted to do
and gone on and do it

u wanna be in an office 10 years from now
reminiscing the days u were in [insert foreign country]..."
I love this line.
especially the [insert foreign country] part, kinda sets the horizon.
that you can insert ANY country u wish, theres no "but"s to it.
one of the many reasons why i love her so dearly.
the dreamer.

voices of new malaysia