Friday, January 29


it amazes me how much u can understand.
the fact that you dun say much but u absorb so much more.

it amazes me how patient you can be.
the fact that you can do sooooo much and wait silently.

it amazes me how giving you are.
the fact that you dun mind going the extra mile to get smthg done.

it amazes me.
it really does.
when from a simple call u can pick up the urgency and wat i needed.
gosh i'm star struck.

when every gesture triggers an action and emotion.
this is a very subtle gesture which triggered smthg huge.

as i sit here. i find myself even torn.
should i go or should i stay?
as my heart and my head tells me different things.
what should i do?

Thursday, January 28

daddy's little girl

to the man
whose dark hair turned white, yet his specs & “misai" remains.

to the man
whose belly has grown and still smiles oh so lovingly.

to the man
who follows CSI loyally every weekend till midnight.

to the man
who sleeps at the sofa with the TV on.

to the man
who makes me breakfast every morning.

to the man
who always ask if i wanna tahpao lunch.

to the man
whose always worried about me

to the man
who waits for me to go home in the living room

to the man
who knows what i really want.

to the man
who has given me strength when i was down

to the man
who has silently watched me teared.

to the man
to always picks me up.

to the man
who has always been there.

to the man of my life.
to my teacher.
to my mentor.
to my guide.
to my protector.
to my friend.

happy birthday daddy dearest.
i love u !

i dreamt of u

i dreamt of u.
its been a while.

as the dream repeated itself.
again n again n again.
i realized.... my worst fear wasn't u leaving...
my biggest fear was...
me being alone.

as i walked down the road.
my biggest fear was that ... no one will ever be there.

no matter wat happen... its only me.

Saturday, January 23


i miss u.
2006 u left.
its been 4 yrs already.
how can it be?

i really missed u.
i miss how u smell
i miss how u sound like.
i miss how u are.
i miss how it feels to have u around me.

i'm afraid.
that one day, u'll slowly fade away.
i'm afraid that one day I'll close my eyes and i can no longer rmb how u look like.
i miss u so much.

i wished i had more memories with you.
i wished i had more time.
i wished i had more chances.
but i guess now all i can say is....
its better to have and cherish all that i have... then to have nvr known how a wonderful person u were.

its 4am now.
but yet i dun feel like going to sleep.
not now...
not alone.

Sunday, January 10


family planned a last min trip up genting.
mom n dad went to watch a concert (with sum special help! )
the family wit kids, the pregnant lady all came along.

left sat evening. reach genting oso dinner time jor.
it was fun nonetheless.

mom n dad after the concert.
cyn n elyssa
pengkiat korkor n meimei
alan n cindy.
merajuk sial. :P
cynthia n pengkiat korkor
of course...
pictures that no one understood
i jus couldnt resist!

in the hotel itself

bye bye genting.

more photos on my facebook.


tml got work.
potong stim betul.

hoho Genting

i jus came back from genting!
*dance around*

tired sial... T.T
buthen.... hyper as well....

it's been ages since i had a break.
yea... this one is pretty short. but its fun nonetheless.
nope.... i did not do much at the themeparks. *swts
i chased my nephew n niece around.
watch as they wobble everywhere.
brought along cyn's dslr.... (like finally)
snap snap snap away....

i'm happy.

yikes! besok kena kerja weh!~

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