Tuesday, December 26

:: was it meant to be? :: part iv

     "oiiii!!! siao kia!!! wake up lo!!! wat u staring at la?!"
     "huh?! wha...?" scott's been day dreaming again... sitting on his chair staring
into blank space while an image of her passed by right in front of his face...
could this be it? for some strange reason, i couldn't get her out of my mind...
scott was obsessed about callie. he even had 12 pages of his history note book
filled with callie's name... every line..  and he has the note book now to prove
it too!

    "RRRIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!!" thats the bell, for the pupils of the private school,
its their 2nd recess. but for scott,its the time where the public school behind
theirs just finished their classes. and he would dash to the fences n try to look
for that fimiliar face. waiting n waiting... there she is... her hair looks longer....
she looks kinda cute with her hair at that lenght... she's wearing her baju
kurung tday...hope it doesnt rain..
.some times she would have extra classes...
den scott will jus go back into class looking like he was hit by a bus or smthg.

     should i jus go and ask her? i cant get her out of my mind... not since
camp... i miss her...  i really feel for her... worst thing is, i tink she feels it

     every since camp, scott n callie where closer den ever! right after camp,
when scott was on the way home. the phone rang. he half thought and wished
that it was callie. but when the caller id flashed "debbie", he jus stared at it
thinking SHIT!!. he's been avoiding her calls for ages. she annoying... debbie
was the gurl that would call in the middle of the night to "just say hi".. and
the gurl who would call for no reason watsoever and ask "soooo...wat u

     but this time, scott picked up the call.
     "wat u wan?"  dear god, please make it quick.
     "scottie, must u be so hostile?"  urgh, i hate it when she calls me scottie.
     "am not bein hostile gurl. wat u wan?"
     "i missed you. i saw u in camp. but u were too bz flirting wit sum other
chick to care bout me huh?"  whoa, she saw? shit! she's a blabber mouth!
     "uh.. really? uhm.. naaah... i treat every  gurl the same..."
     "riite. so u make everyones supper too huh? r u trying to make me
jealouse here?" u and ur ultra super ego.
     "naah.. of course not. wat make s u thinks such funny things?"
silently, scott wipes off his sweat.
     "scottie... dun lie to me.. i know her. her name is callie. and she's from
mattherson high school, which is right behind urs." deep shit!
     "really?! ehehe... urm... i din noe tat u guys close?"
     "close enuff to knoe that u dun stand a chance by her. she's a straight a
student. top of her class. she's a prefect with a sparkling clean disciplin
record. while you, my dear scottie, u hav nvr passed basic engliah to save
your life. u spend more time in the principles office den class. u whack ppl
like u need to do that to  stay alive." okay, tats harsh... but... mayb she's
right... she wouldn't....

     "hey, must to drop me tat hard? I AM NOT crushing on tat gurl okay?
carrie or callie watever her name is!" scott was raising his voice. he did not
wanna admit tat he was hurt and that it sucks! he doesnt wanna noe how
gud callie is because he already knows tat. tats y i love her. neither does he
need to be reminded once again wat a jackass he is. tats it. its over.
no chance.
     "c'mon scottie. u and i both know where u belong." debbie was pushing it...
but she knows she's pressing on the right buttons. because scott said...
    "hey, yunno i dun like her like her... c'mon.. she's a nerd. jus look at her.
pink frameless... looks like she's from mars..." the heated argument turned
into a heated conversation and den it became a "mating ritual".and it all
ended with......
    "so....who do u like?"
    "hehhe... you? "

     shit! wat the hell was i getting my self into?!


      days passed and scott called callie lesser n lesser... callie was starting to
ignore scott. and scott knew exactly y. he din even bother to explain. it better
this way.... she could go better den me.

     and for a while, callie wasnt an issue. altho scott never seen her wit other
guys. nor rumours about a boyfriend or not. she jus wasnt that close anymore.
and it was better for scott that way. it makes it easier to forget about her. her
smile. her rough frizzy hair tat always smelled like apples. the ticking of her
red swatch, den her blue white striped one, later it was her green n blue
swatch. how she always tie her shoelace left to right. and how she always
tuck both side of her hair behind her ear but right side always falls out...
shit! who m i kidding!!??

    but debbie made it a point to make sure that callie wasnt an issue. she was
glued to scott 24 hours a day 7days a week. any dickhead could see that their
relationship was mainly staying over and a whole lot of rough-housing in
between the bed sheets.  but she din mind. so scott din too.

     but after 97 days, they broke up. debbie was since den m.i.a. and scott din
care. he had enuf. hell yea i had enuff! its is crap!


     scott was back n everyone could see that callie was happy. but nothing
happened. there was SOMETHING there between dem. but none of dem
could ever explain it. they were there for each other. if callie was in trouble,
jus one call and scott would rush there. if scott needed someone, he knows
tat callie was jus a call away. they comforted each other thru the years. the
rivalries, the tensions, the outside pressure, none of them could get to callie
n scott. for they know that they have each other. and they wont judge each
but then again... if this wasnt love, wat is it? could this jus be pure friendship?
or is it something more?


       nights n nights, scott stayed awake in his bed. screening thru the
pictures n the memories. wondering wat is it tat they have between dem...
love? friends? pity? admiration? wat was it?after 6 sleepless nights and
8 restless nights... on 25/11/2004, scott drive his friends car to find callie.
illegally, yes... so sue me! he drove passed a tuition centre, and  scott felt it
again.. he turned he's head to the left and he saw callie. she was wearing a
pair of green board shorts, witha black v-neck t-shirt. holding her blue winnie
the pooh file. her hair is long now, she tied it up. she looks abit chubbier tho..
cuter... and ... she was in the arms of another guy...

     suddenly scott changed his mind. he drove straight instead of turning. he
jus drove. she's with another guy now. his eyes were burning up. i'm not
gonna cry!! this is wat was meant to be. she shudn't settle wit a dipstick
like me...
he din notice tat the car was goin faster n faster... callie...
mayb i shud giv up... we're not meant to be... we were never meant to be...

the car was speeding faster n faster... scott closed his eyes to stop the tears...
den there was this lorry, he couldn't find the brakes...mayb he din wanna find
the brakes. the stearing was shaking. and the car rammed into a lorry and
later ended upsidedown at the roundabout....

    he woke up on a hosp bed. i'm not gonna call callie. he was numb. he couldn't
feel the pain. mayb it was the painkillers or the morphine... watever it is,
it wasnt strong enuff...
he couldn't find the pieces of his broken heart.

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Saturday, December 23

:: was it meant to be? :: part iii

     "oi! carrot!!"
      callie turned around, and there he was... leaning against the building pillar.... 
poser... she walked up to him... 
     "anything you need SIR?" callie answered sarcastically... waddaya expect?
he's rich, he's cute, he has a whole line of gurls swooning over him..
he's a
plain jerk...
      "why you din come last week wan?" scott asked suddenly.
      "gotta go balik kampung last week. some lame family thing la. why? no one to
bully ey?" callie answered cautiously... why? did he missed me? i noe i did... 
but wat was i thinking? scott was a jock, they dun go for nerds u dumbo!
at least
not when he has babes like debbie lying around at his expense...
      "ehehe... really? ahahha... carrot! tell me one thing in ur life tats not lame la!
carrot!" ish... why wouldn't the jerk stop teasing me?! he ignored my last question...
       "could u like stop being so cruel n mean?! i mean... its been nearly 2 years,
cant u go find a new victim?!" callie snaps back at scott.... frankly, they've been at 
it for nearly 2 years now... and they are practically inseparable...
       "dunno... u r fun to tease!" ohmygosh! is he hinting tat he likes me?! callie
was hoping for more... then the bell rang... great, just when it got interesting!
      "better go do your duty little miss hall monitor!" scott laughed... as jus as he
walk pass callie... "bytheway, yea.... i did miss you... jus a little bit...".... callie was
stunned... she was speechless!! oh my gosh!! did he jus...?! did we...?! is he...?!
ohmy gosh!!!


      no one could deny that signals were everywhere... hints were dropped
like nuclear bombs! the attraction was there... but no one made a move...
none... there were the winks...n the jokes... n the occational social hugs...
oh the hugss!!!
plus the eye contact... callie could swear that scott was looking
at her all the time!! eventho it wasnt the "hey, i cant keep my eyes of you type"...
but whenever scott was busy doin smthg with some other gurls... he's always
busy with some other gurls... whoa, was tat jealousy?
he would always steal a
glance at callie who would be sitting at a corner by her self.. and if she looks
back... scott would wink at her...

      ppl use to say that they were inseparable... if anyone were to separate them,
they'll end up moping like some love sick puppies... but of course, being only in
the 8th grade, they would of course deny everything....
     "me? naaah.... u think i would actually fall for HIM? he's a pig! a massive
one!" callie would be the 1st to defend her "dignity"...
    "ur calling ME a pig?! look in the mirror missy, i'm not the one that resemble
a carrot, pig!" and as usual scott would refute...
     "i am NOT a pig! you are!"
     "no... you are!"
     "na aaah, you are! you pig!!"
     "quit oiking! PIG!"
     "STOPPPPPP IT!!! YOU ARE BOTH PIGS!! HAPPY?! (points at callie) YOU
YOU GUYS GIVE ME A HEADACHE!!!" jake jumped in to rescue... ever since den,
callie was pig-head and scott was the pig-butt... not exactly "mr. macho's nick",
but it works for em..

     everyday, after school, callie would rush back home... quickly change n
gobble down her lunch... quickly did her homework n chores... and by around
4pm. she would sit patiently by the phone... okay, not exactly patiently... more like
 picking up  the phone and checking if the phone works every 15mins after 4pm...

      and when it rings... ohmygosh!! its HIIIIM!!!  ok ok... clam down now.... you
dowanna sound desperate... breath breath... ok ok...

     "pig-head!!!" and callie would be grinning from ear to ear jus hearing his
     "calm down u pig-butt, no use screaming into my ear everytime...."
     and they would go on n on n on n on for hours... until either side of the parents
shouts n yells... she would be rolling on her bed, gigling at his lame jokes and
hearing about his day...and it is thru these long long long phone calls she
discovered y scott was the way he was... he's family, he's problems... even
scott has his fair share of issues too... how he wasnt always up to his dad's
expectations... how his mom always naggs at him.... how being the only son
was a burden for him... as he'll need to carry the family on his shoulders soon...
i guess i misjudged him... she also found out that scott was smoking.. ewwww!!!
major turn off!!!
and he was in the mafia... and also that he wanted to
quit the mafia... scaaaary!!! and according to him... scott wans to quit the
whole mafia thing... and he found some one... is it me? callie would always
wonder whenever he talks about her... it sounds like me.... i think... scott could
go for hours n hours about this gurl... but callie always wondered who she was...

   "hey, i tink scottie like u,gurl! " amanda-callie's church best friend would
always taunt her...
     "naah, we're jus pals...." you really think so?!!! i think so too!!! oh my
!! callie would lie innocently... secretly hoping that it was true..
     "naa~aaahh! he's so into you! anyone could see that you guys are throwing
signals EVERYWHERE!! " amanda and her realationship-know-it-all tone...
"ANDDDDD you like him too! " amanda stared eagerly at callie's reaction...
she blushed!
     "uh hah!!! caught red handed!!! dun deny!!! " there amanda goes... noseying
around .... callie blushed even more! she could possibly deny it any longer...
they've been playing the game for ages!!!
     "wat do you wan me to do?! u think i shud make the 1st move?! " callie
eagerly asking for a second opinion... wat if it was jus a mistake?! wat if i was
jus being over sensitive?! its SCOTT!!! he's not exactly the type that goes
for "carrot gurl" yunno...


      the turning point was a simple phone call...
     "hey, callie... do you erm... wanna go to this youth camp?"
     "youth camp? when wo...? whoa.. wait a min... did you jus call me by my
     "(scott laughs) ...yea.... i was hoping you could come.. i'm kinda helping out
in it... it would be fun..."
     "hmm... okay... sure..."
     yea... the camp was fun... and callie grew more and more fond of scott...
he's been really sweet... offering her his jacket in colder nights... he would always
make her milo during supper time... she would help him to do abit of his work
since he was the youngest in the commitee member... in that camp, mayb he
was too tired, scott fainted after 3 sleepless nights... he fell right in the middle
of the kitchen floor....while being a pig, callie woke up to get her some milo, she
assumed scott was awake so she tried to call his cell... no answer.. where
could the bugger be?! ish...
she tried it again... still no answer... so she gave
up, assuming that scott must have slacked off somewhere... just to find scott
lying there right at the floor... ohmygosh!! wat the?! scott?! she rushed to
his side...
     "scott?! hey...can u hear me?" scott was knocked out cold.. being
miss-know-it-all, she checked his pulse, he seemed fine.. breathing was
okay... mayb he jus worked himself out... so she sat there, luckily scott came
to his senses half hour later... luckily, cause callie was starting to lose the feeling
of her legs...
     "hey buddy, u alright?! can u hear me?" callie called out to him... " you
freaked me out there... u ok?" callie was relieved..."i thought u were dead..."
scott chuckled.. at least he can still laugh....
     "what will i do without u? " scott smiled.

     after the camp... callie was convinced that it was meant to be.... it
couldn't be mixed signals...not with that smile... no! 2 weeks after the camp,
on 4th of january, 2003, callie mustered all that she had... n she walked
up to jake...
     "hey dufus, seen scott anywhere?" jake turned his head left den right....
you could see his eyeballs searching...
     "dunno, with debbie i guess...not that sure where they went tho... if you
know what i mean..." and jake winked at callie... what?! what was that
suppose to mean?! no... it couldn't be...

     "with debbie?!" naive and afraid, callie asked to reconfirm...please say
that it was a mistake...please...

     "yup! deb-bie.... they got together last week, right after camp... you
din know?!" at that point, the whole world came crumbling down... no... no...
 not debbie... its  not fair... no... i tot... i tot he likes me...  i thought...

    " i thought it was meant to be...."

this isn't the end yet... part iv coming right up!

Friday, December 22

:: was it meant to be? :: part ii

     "urgh" he hates sundays... why the hell must he wake up anyways?! it not like he's gonna
listen n be productive someday?! yeah rite...hell i am... daddy's yelling at him downstairs... 
fine... yet another reason to hate sundays... well, at least he can gooff off later.... scott's dad is
the head council of his church... which makes life even worst for him as he's EXPECTED to be the 
golden boy being all well behaved n polite and as he calls it "shits like that"....

     "walaueh! siao kia... tday so late?! wanna die a?" and jake-his partner in crime was already
waiting for him at the front door of the hall...  well, at least he turned up... ditched me last week... blardy asshole... scott jus grabbed his bag n they were off to the hall... "wey,
paiseh aa.... last week gt problem sikit a... so last week fun a?" jake teased sarcastically...
paiseh?!! tiu!! left me to rot in this dead place.... rite... jake brought his pokemons tat day...
(wat?! during that time it was the IN thing okay? almost like our PSP now...) well, at least
there was entertainment....

     well, as you've guessed it... scott wasnt a goodie two shoes, nor was he a golden boy... in
fact he tried in every way to go against everyone's expectation... he was a jerk, a rebel, a very
violent person... nothing more... at least till den...

     "hey, scott rite? i'm callie."

     jake stared blankly at the girl standing behind scott.... "shit, what did i do now?!!" he
turned and he recognised the face... "aaaaaa.... the short one... yea... i'm scott... wats it wit u?"
this gurl is smthg alright.... she is SOMETHING... "nothing... jus wanted to giv you 
back somthing..." she said plainly... as she started to fumbled in her super large black bag... 
wats it now? wonder what she got me?  wats in TAT bag?! a dead body? she's weird...

     "wat u wanna giv me wo? u din owe me anything oso?! i wouldn't mind is it was a kiss tho...
but knowing you... i doubt u can reach my lips..." scott taunted... n jake bursted out laughing
like mad... she frowned... n continued to fumble in her HUGE bag... she is something... but
what? she aint pretty... thats one thing... but she is something... jus couldnt work it out...

scott stared at the gurl standing in front of him... she had short hair... neatly tucked behind
her ears.. all the same lenght... kinda look like a mushroom... she wore glasses... PINK glasses...
comfirmed amah!! she was loud... hell yea... tested THAT last week... and she carried the lord of the rings around EVERYWHERE... comfirmed nerd!!!

    "wat is it gurl? ur not only short... ur slow too...!!" scott bend down to take a peek into 
her ever super HUGE black bag!... "wat do you keep in there? a dead corpse or smthg? huh?
whoa... so many....OW!!!!!" the "weird" gurl tugged his hair n pulled him all thw way down to
the floor! shit! bad move!! "THATS for whacking my head!" she stomps at scotts feet. "and
TATS for making me chase after you all over the place!!!" "HHMMPPHHH!!!" she strots off....

     "whoa... what the hell was that??" jake asked... trying to hide his amusement... the mighty scott, bullied by a nerd...  "dunno... new gurl...scary..." hehe...yet i am not mad... this is new...

     jake waited for scott's reply... "eh? not angry a? the last time a gurl did anything close to that... u slapped her!" 

     "naah...i pissed her off 1st... gosh wasnt she something...." i mean it...
     "uh huh... pretty hot headed if u asked me.... who is she?! "jake looked puzzled... so scott
took the liberty of explaining the arival of their new class mate... short n annoying... with
her white trackspants n a pure grey shirt... her blue sandals...
pure nerd.. how she brought
her LOTR book everywhere n how she fiddles wit her pencil... even how her pink frameless 
specs would always slide down her flat nose...

     "whoa...dude!! u rmb that?! she aint pretty yunno... debbie looks better... waaaaay better..."
debbie was the leader of "scott's fan club"...along side with cheerleader rebbeca n steph n
lonnie n may n looooaaaddddsss more of other miss hot-sexy-brainless-prefect... so what was
this gurl?
she is somthing... she aint pretty...(shit i said tat so many times! she's gonna kill me!)
she aint hot... like *droolz hot*... she is definately annoying... she's... she's....

     "wats her name again?" scott asked? "dunno...connie? carrie? something like that.." jake carelessly answered... "callie..." she looks like a carrot... hahah... carrot it is!

     "whaaaa.... its callie u dumb arse!!"
     "hahaha... i like carrot more....cuter wert!" she looks pretty cute when she's mad...
     "its CALLIE!!! urgh!!! dumb guys!!"
     "watever carrot.... i call em as i see em..." i tink her face is turning purple...
     "uuurrgghhHH!!! I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A CARROT K?!!!!"

     and off she goes...chasing after scott... and sometimes... scott will run a little slower...jus so
that callie could catch up... 


      it was a typical day in school... scott was getting sick of class... so he walked out of it...(yes,
the teacher is still there) scotts get to do shits like that... and he always gets aways with it....
so yea... he was standing by the corridor of the 2nd floor of the tall private school he goes to....
thinking wat to do tnite... PS? naah...bored... mayb i'll follow tai lou go settle some stuff... yes,
he's actively in the mafia... hmm... wat else..? i could go over n sleep over at jakes hse... 
debbie's hse aint bad... but... that comes wit a price... 
den he spotted someone from across
the street... who else but callie, walking along the road... in her school uniform... "so she studies here...all this while... right behind my school...."

     since den... for the nex three years... scott would always be day dreaming outside the
window... staring rite at the road she always walks to n from school... from the blue student uniform...to her green librarian uniform... all the way till her red prefects uniform... how
predictable...a prefect...
he watched her every chance he got... its a wonder how he does that...
he jus feels all uncomfortable n "weird"... he turns around n there she will be...

     there were times when scott wished he din noticed her... when he saw her surrounded by
guys... bugging her n annoying her... thats MY job okay?! especially when there would be water fights or if its raining... callie would be the girl to pick on... with her full white blouse... he would
be so angry n pissed... but he never showed his anger towards her or anywhere near her..
he din wan her to know wat his background was... he din wanna involve her... nor endanger
her in any way ... never...

     there was no place in callie's life to accept scott and his colourfull past... so he din even try...

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Thursday, December 21

::was it meant to be? :: part 1 :: how callie met scott

     "no!! he is so totally hot! i'm telling you, i saw him play basketball jus now!FYI... topless!!" 
     "really? that hot...? hmmm...not bad... you actually KNOW him? no way!"    
     "uh huh...yes way! he was from my primary school! we're goin out nex weekend... wanna join?i could... intro u guys....."
     "ohmygosh...really?! gawd i love you!! but i cant this weekend... i hav smthg on... a youth camp..."
     "youth camp?"
     "yea..... from this church i go to..."

     callie was a typical girl next door with great results.... so she gets to transfer to the school she wanted to... but she went there alone... she practically ditched her primary school life, to 
start abrand new one here.... and yes, as you've guessed it.. the boy crazy one is callie.... and 
the gurl she's talking to is her first friend in the new school-amy.... 
and THAT was how callie came across the church's sunday class... because amy was there...

     that sunday, callie put on the "decent clothes?" and went to the church... hoping to mayb
find a friend or two... unfortunately amy forgotten to tell her that the classes wit seperated into chinese n english... and since she was from a chinese school... she was enrolled into the chinese section...-away from amy and friends-

     "beautiful... alone again!!" she thought as she stepped into the class... unfimiliar faces.. she
felt all alone again... "at least theres still boys.." being as boy crazy as she was... she quickly scanned the room... and her eyes landed upon a boy sitting at the end of the class... "hey, he
aint bad.... kinda cute..." she blushes n sat down...

     "hey, you're short!! haha... shortie!!!!"

     callie jumped off her chair, not knowing what hit her... she turned around only to find the
boy she was eye-ing staring at her.... she blushed... "shit! now what?!" she walked up to him... gosh, he's cute! "what?!you think you very tall a? ur not much taller den i am!!" look at those eyes...my gosh, he's hot! she blushed even more....he inched closer to her, lean right up to her.... callie paniked!! she could practically smell him!!! and he smelled good...  ohmygosh ohmygish
ohmygish ohmygosh!!
her heart was thumping.. hormones were raging!! whats he gonna do?!

     suddenly, he reached out. and with one big whack, he oushed her head down... AND HE RAN AWAY!!!! "whhhhhaaaaatttttt?????!!!" callie quickly got up and started to chas the annoying boy which her likings are growing thinner by the seconds... "you!!!! STEEEEEEWWWWPPPIIIDDD!!!! idiotic!!! dumbo!!!!! YOUUUUUUU!!! dun you run!!!!! come here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" anyone could hear her screaming as she ran after the boy..... "when i get my hands on you!!! you're sooooooo dead!!!"she ran till she was out of breath.... she was good at memorizing, she was great with books! but running?! ehehhe... even a baby could've crawled faster...

     "dumb *pants*....dumb...... *pants* idiot..... call... me....*pants* short.... stew*pants* pid.... idiot!!" she couldn't run anymore... sitting by the sidewalk, screetching for breath...

     "so..... i guessed you met our class rebel-scott..."

     "scott?!" she turned around and there the teacher was... he passed her a tissue...and he
walked away grinning from eye to eye at his bunch of hyperactive monkeys... "so he has a
name... scott..."

next: hey, scott right? i'm callie...


heyho... getting tired of the day in day out blogging diary....
so heres smthg to spice things up...

i like the name scott, n i ike the name callie....
so heres a story about em...

Tuesday, December 19

:: pieces ::

on a weird mood these days... its 3.47am... n i'm awake... i've jus finished randoms article... 
gettin dried  up isnt a gud idea... TZ isnt home yet... i'm tired... yet...i feel troubled...i dunno y...
its disturbing, its confusing, its dont right emofying!

being in the holiday mode means i'm stil lazy... yet at the back of my brains i can think of a 101 reason i shud start work! i have the list of undone homework and its freaking me off!! so... wat do i do these days? i sleep till the sun shines on my arse...den i roll downstairs...eat... n plant my arse in the sofa... n watch cartoons all day... its making me sick... yet... I HAVE NTHG ELSE TO DO! i hate feeling unproductive!!

before that mummy was sick n i was stuck wit looads of hse chores.... mop the floor, sweep the floor, wash the bed sheets, wash the toilet, change the sofa covers, wash the cars... FYI, avanza is a killer!!!  super tall for a shortie like me! sprained my shoulder trying to wipe the top... by the end of 1st week in dec, i was as wasted and fragile as glass... every inch of my body aches n squeeked!! thankfully i still hav tz to massage me! *pampered*

but tat was 2 weeks ago... i havent seen tz much these days... he's been so freaking bz... i almost forgot i had a bf! christmas is here n i'm broke... spending new years n christmas alone isnt helping either.... i wanna rant n i wanna whine! i miss him!! unfortunately i havent even heard from him... even if he called.... it was jus short calls because he is tired....

since i forgot i was taken... hormones kicked in!!!
did i mention i was/ am atill a die hard fan of RON NG?!!! omg!! i went ga-ga over him!!! i tink he's totally hot!!! of course... sum ppl disagree (aM3)... but i still adore him!!! he's hot!!

and the Brylcreem 2 in1 facial wash n shaving cream advertisement guy!!! check it out!!! theres a very very very very husky sexy stud there!!! really!!!

AND... do you know that allan wu is also did the ferrero roche ad?! he was the groom in the wedding advertisement where the brides bouquet was a bunch of ferrero roche!!! he's still ever sooooo hot!!!!

i was hyped up last sun... went over to mp's hse to help her wit her assigment.. we had loads of fun... laughing n yapping... whacking oreos n vitagens!!! screaming at the passing cars!! hunting for turtles!!! it was fun gurl!! i miss you sooooo much... den we jus lay in bed after a looooong day.... den the emo part cam along... mp's taking advertising too... its weird... ppl like us... we dun have a specific "dream job"...like those ppl that aspired to be a journalist or a doctor or a pilot... we r one of those that fits in a little of everything... yet none of everything tooo.... there isnt a clear route on what to take.. so we jus end up wherever the wind blows n hope for the best... kinda pathetic aint it? but thats wat we think... 
mp n me... we're close... every since the whole "i like the guy who likes you" issue... 
we were closer then ever! no guy would ever stand between us... n thats a fact... 
i was always the hard headed wan... the one with the temper... n she was the rational type...
being together, it kept a balance.... she told me that day "u have no idea how lucky u r to find sum1 like aM3, because its hard to find someone that really gets us".... yea... mayb u r right...
but one thing is for sure... looking back at the pix n photos, i was pretty lucky back den too! i had ever reliable SK as my right hand gurl, i had you my my side as my guardian angel... i had WS to reming me that i'm actually a gurl... eheheh... so what if we arent alike... we're diff but that wat made the cartoons unique! a fierce tomboy, a pretty n loud gurl, a sensitive n blur gurl, and a squeeky math genius! we were the weirdest batch! who knew 2 chinese ed gurls would've been besties wit 2 bananas for nearly 6 years!! i love u all....

Thursday, December 14


yunno wat really melts me at christmas?

kenny loggins voice.....

i love his voice!!!


heck, i'm into old dudes wit macho voices!!! 

Wednesday, December 13

:: have faith ::

this post was mnt for some one.... so... if u dun get it.. its okay... i'm pretty sure the one it was meant for understands it... *hugs*

it weird... how me met... i went home wailing to my dad about this blurrest bumbum girl i met in the lift; n u met home crying bout the snobbish brat u met in the lift... who would've knew that in mere months we've became closer den ever! the hyper days... the emo days... the tired sleepless days especially... there was always YOU to accompany me!
nerd n geeks trying to make our way thru in a world the society will never think we'd fit in... evidently, we did! thru the loud days n psycho days... u n BT n me... our laughter can be heard thru the whole block...

and above all when i tot i was the only one n gav up on searching for someone tat reads me... i found you!! classic chick flicks.. emo songs... 
we get each other... i dunno y... its almost like a long lost sister type.. we "get" each other... n its good! cuz i was getting tired of explaining simple stuff to blurred zoned out peeps!

ironically.... we could be so alike in soooooooooo many ways... n yet we can be totally different...
our views especially.... on this whole wide world.... i was a pesimist.... numb to this world... perhaps i chosed to turn numb.... coz i was hurt, again n again... as time flew by, i learn the beautiful technic of "staying on the surface".... emotinally detached... but u were different... u see the world in a whole new angel... somehow u see this world in ur own frequency n ur own colors... u were hurt too... but theres a diff... u were strong... u stood back up... 
u always kept ur hopes n dreams... believing tat all this happened for a reason... 
so u sucked it up... n u went on... creating your rainbow... making a diffefence in this world...
wat i lack was courage n tat was wat i learned from u... u made me believe in the best of ppl... not the worst...

i stopped believing in true love long ago... but u din... u believed in "meant to be"s and "happily ever after"s... i would've called u naive... but i couldn't deny... i wished i believed in dem too...
"have faith" u told me that... n with tat priceless quote... i took my first step n the bold-est
move ever... hoping n praying hard that ur correct... it was meant to be... n it was! i'm happy...
guess you could say i found where i belonged... :)

"have faith" was wat i told u this morn too... when we were comtemplating if it was "IT"... 
its funny how these quotes come back to u... n how they grow on each other... 
i found my bliss, n now so have you.... altho i'm not sure if it would change anything we have... 
coz sumtimes it does happen the other way.... i'm happy that ur happy!! *hugs!* 
heck.. if we click so well, i doubt that i would hate him if u like him tat much!!!!

words u taught me :
love ; emo ; faith ; funky! ; trust ; different ; fugly! ; rainbow ; hyper ; toodles ; bestie

once in a lifetime,
    you find someone
who touches not only your heart,
    but also yours soul.
once in a lifetime,
    your discover someone
who stands beside u, not over you.
    you find someone
who loves you for who you are,
    and not for who you could be.
once in a lifetime,
    if your're lucky,
you'll find some one.....
    as i've found you.


Tuesday, December 12


1st ly....
N is soooooooo gonna pay!!! he asked me to go for motorola gila10 tat night!! i was in johor!!!!! ish!!!... *bleks!* and to top it all of...he was rubbing it in my nose the very next day!!! blergh!! i'm sooooooooooooo keeping ur pressie!! not giving it to u!!!  sumore wanted to GOTCHA me n aM3 on christmas!! uuuuu....uuuu... ish! *whack!*

2nd ly...
yea...i jus came back from johor... usual johor trip... 1st thing we ate once we reached was LAKSA!!! and MUAR CHUI KUEY!! den the last thing we ate b4 we left was MUAR LUNTONG... 
wahaha... a few more trips back there n i'll look like a hippo! yummies.....*droolz!!*

3rd ly...

TZ bought me beanies!!! melts!!

yunno wat..i gotta go... bak kut teh!!!
i havent ate yet!!


Thursday, December 7

:: cliche :: or :: fairytales :: or :: lies ::

ever heard of this?

       falling in love is just between you n me
wat about this?

       you only need 2 person to be in love, the rest of the world isn't involved

heck, how bout this?

        right now, all i need is you.. i dun care wat they think, i love you...

cliche aint it? sounds almost real... almost....
everyone whose anyone would've love to believe that they are true.... if only they were....

:: back to reality... ::

ever heard of this?

              ohmygosh, she's a famous accountant and she married him?
                                    *with a hint of sarcasm on the last word*

wat about this?

                   she chosed him? how could it be? surely there must be some mistake...

ring any bells?

              oh believe me honey, it wouldn't last... she deserved better...tsk tsk...


                 he's a drop out?! ohmygod... sure she could've done better..... is she pregnant?

lastly... they just have to raise the "racist card"...

       they're getting married??!!! but he's...... ... erm... not-chinese... wat will the kids look like?
 *c'mon, u actually think she din know he wasnt chinese when she 1st met him?*

i use to argue wit aM3 that it dint matter wat other ppl think when issues were raised in a fren's relationship...
but the fact is... it does matter...

if other ppl's opinion doesnt matter... it wouldn't matter if we choosed to walk around naked!
if the whole wide world isnt an issue... y even bother dressing up for an interview?
if the world isnt an issue... heck... why do we bother to do our hair, tuck in our shirt...
if it isnt an issue or a problem... why do u even care if the bag doesnt go with the shoes, or if the tie doesnt compliment your tux?!

weird huh?
why do we care so much?


: school sick :

is there even such thing? school sick?!
well... S.T.A.R. is having their prom this fri... B asked me to go wit him... A asked me too... 
they're both my buds... so i'm not goin at all...
its kinda hard.... knowing that we're growing up...

no more pure siao chilling wit the gurls...
no more teachers tat spoon feed us jus to ace the exams...
no more pure lepaking wit pals...
no more "worries" bout little miss popular or the cute guy in class...
no more chitter chatter bout the in parties n hanging wit the seniors...
no more psychotic rides on bicycle wit the ex...
no more carefree days of sleep-go school-eat-tuition-eat-sleep again life....

if growing up means drifting away from family...
if growing up means picking up after urself...
if growing up means take your own responsibilty...
if growing up means no more fooling around...
if growinq up means "theres more important things in life den being popular"...
if growing up means giving up in fantasies n childish dreams...
if growing up means smacking ur face into cold hard reality...
wat if i dowanna grow up?

yunno wat... i rather retake spm again n again n again n again if i can...

to be allowed to fail...
to be able to jus chill...without issues...

to be have fun... pure fun...
to be allowed to lose...
to be pampered....

days when the main stress n tension was ace-ing exams....
days when we worry whether the cute class monitor likes you or not...
(yea..my monitor is pretty cute...buffed too)
days when the main goal was only to make girl guides active...

days when the main aim was to be top 3 in the school's marching...
days when the MAIN issue was that hot senior next class....

haha...days like those...


Tuesday, December 5

hmmmmm... holidays....

woooooooo...... holidays.... waaaaaa... how fun.....
this proves that i have no life at all...
lazing around the whole freaking day....

yesterdays movie cinta emofy me.... the quotes keep coming back to me... emofied.... 
         adik jangan takut tutup mata, kerana kakak ada di sini berjaga
                                                         its worth it if you've found the right one
  kalau boleh sehari dengan orang yang kita sayang,
           betapa susah pun, lebih baik daripada sepanjang hidup tanpa dia

i'n so getting the ori dvd when it comes out... so...if anyone out there is thinking wat pressie to get me in the future... heres a hint : cinta!!!

jus made plans wit aM3 for pyramid this thurs... finally catching 007... hmmm...

gah!!! nthg much edi... bored to death!!!!

i used to dun care. i used to dun give a damn. i used to be carefree. not the pantyliner. now. its diff. i feel weak. i feel vulnerable. y does it feel so "exposed"? almost naked.its hard. its very hard. to learn to trust. to learn to love. at this point. i dowanna learn anymore. i dowana sink even deeper den i already have. sometimes, you've been hurt so much n so many times that u'll learn to be numb. i rather be numb. i WAS numb. and it worked pretty well for a time. there were flings n flirts. nthg special. until YOU came along. until u came along wit the whole love, faith, hope, comitment shit. loads of crap. i hate em. i dont believe em! i dowan believe em! i am not falling into this crap again. but ironically, if i am so firm n sure of myself, y am i struggling now?

am i really goin thru wit this? i wanna see u. i cant be falling into tis. i wanna be wit you. why me?  i love u. wat is love? he said he loves me. how true is tat? i wish i could do more for u. stop sacrificing, u'll get hurt. i miss u. i have a life. ur hugs are so warm. i'm not changing my lifestyle for him. u call that a life? i like my life! flirts n fling aint a life. at 
least u dont get hurt. 
wat if it is him? theres no such thing as "the one". wat if there is? no, never.
jus being there means alot. wat if it doesnt last? warm hands. 
he was a player, he was born to be smooth. 
he isnt now, not anymore. how sure are u? melting eyes. looker dun last! i wish this would be forever. if only it would.

complicated ey?
dun worry if u dun understand...
its ok...
i'm weird..
nvr did say i was normal.


:: cinta ::

ppl tell me sepet was good... (i dun deny...it is good)
some say gubra was better.... (hmmm... was abit lost there...nevertheless.yes,another good show..)
but tday... i'm telling u theres another good show in town...
my opinion... its better then sepet....

 10 stars, 5 love stories inter-linked in 1 movie.

At first glance, "Cinta" is very much likened to the runaway British hit "Love Actually". But that's where the similarities stop - "Cinta" is very much in the Malaysian mould.

I'm not going to take the fun away from you by telling you what the stories are all about. I think a part of enjoying "Cinta" will be discovering what the stories are, for yourselves. It'll add to your appreciation of the emotional depth of the movie.

i've been working on this post for 4 hours... contemplating n resisting the urge to jus tell u guys all the stories... to me, its smthg new... it aint (yet) another cheesy lovie dovie malaysian made love story... CINTA in this movie comes in alots of terms... 
whether if its family bonds, marraige, companion or plain love itself....

starring the talented Fatimah Abu Bakar makes a welcome comeback to big screen, showing that she's still got the stuff that once made her Malaysia's best actress. Rahim Razali played to his usual strength, though it's not his most memorable performance - but his screen chemistry with Fatimah Abu Bakar, was heartwarming.

when i was at the cinema, i saw a old couple buying tickets for this movie... n they were jus sitting 3 rows behind us(bt, aM3 n me)... firstly, i find it down right emofying that the elderly couple still go to the movies! den when they were in each others arms by the end of his story...
it was simply heartwarming... i of course donated a tear or two in this... (okay, mayb not JUS a tear....)

          isteri bukan hakmilik, isteri ialah anugerah

Eizlan Yusuff to me, has always been one of the more underrated actors in Malaysia - I've always liked him since "Perempuan Melayu Terakhir", even though intelligent movies like that would hardly be a success at the box-office. Fasha Sandha, to me, has always been better in the Penang-type "Anak Mami" genre movies.But in this movie, Fasha's emotional range in every scene shone through far better than she's ever done, in drama-type movies.And yes, she and Eizlan looked good together - it's a believable pair. Quite sweet, although they would have done better, if the script told us why they fell for each other.

dunno much about this part... felt rather detached with it...at times, it felt like one of those typical "melting" love stories in cinema... yunno...rich dude, smart gal... media...
There were moments when the script fell victim to Hollywood and Malaysian cliches - like romantic dinners, as an expression of love. (Or flowers and diamond rings, for that matter) *eck!*

I've always considered Nanu Baharuddin a strong actress, even in supporting roles like in "Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam".It's fitting that she's been given the lead role in one of the 5 stories and she played the role of a protective big sister and a woman involved in an affair with a married man, to perfection.The most promising actor in this movie has to be Que Haidar, who plays Nanu's character's younger brother.There's a raw and honest intensity to his acting which pulls you in and holds you there

i like this one actually... this is one CINTA that the movie screen always missed... its also the CINTA most homo sapiens like us neglect... storyline was a tat bit korny..nontheless... it got the msg thru...

sepenuh jiwa
I used to think that Rashidi Ishak was quite stiff in his acting in his earlier days - but over time, he's come into his own now, with a very strong performance as a loving, hopeless romantic but heartbroken husband, whose marriage had disintegrated, due to his wife's affair with another man.He displayed the range of emotions very well and some of the scenes with his daughter, were truly touching and will reduce some of you, to tears. Especially for those who understand the pain of divorce and the confusion it causes to both adults and children.Rita Rudaini exceeded herself too, in her role as Rashidi Ishak's character's wife. Her expressions of guilt and conflict, were particularly convincing - although they could have given her a bit more to work on.

i cried buckets in this part!!! buckets!! like the were POURING down from my eyes!!! i was sobbing hyterically in this wan!! this was the story that wet my colar!!! and by the end of the show, aM3 n i...we came into a conclusion that Rashidi Ishak is pretty gud looking at certain angle!!! *woot!!*

          because a little girl taught me that love is about letting go

Story-wise - of the 5 stories, I felt that "Tulus" or the light drama played by Sharifah and Pierre, is the weakest (which is still pretty strong, considering the quality of this movie).Sharifah Amani is a strong young actress - but she needs to be given the right roles to excel. People like Yasmin Ahmad knows perfectly what suits her and what doesn't.She seems too intelligent to play naive - I felt this role was meant for someone whose a bit more raw, "street" and hardened. She also lacked screen chemistry with Pierre Andre - it seemed awkward and not quite believable.Pierre Andre has improved substantially since his days in "Salon", I feel.his strong points are his his emotional depth and wide range of expressions and he's born to play the good guy underdog.

and for your info... I LIKE PIERRE ANDRE!!! the whole silent guy- quietly sacrificing-deep-emo package!!! i likeeee!!!

Sunday, December 3

:: three posts ::

as u all can see... i'm hyper!!!
holidays jus started... n i'm all hyped up...
except one thing...
i'm broke...
wahahha...christmas is one freaking expensive month!!

anyways....its been gud...

: sweet november :
one of the emo-est, hottest show ever!! i watched it when i was in form1!! apparently its still guuuuuuuuddd!!! wahahaha....  she only needs one month to change his whole life!! emo!!
plus... u get to see hot keanu reeves's naked back moving up n down while he's....... *hmm....*
its good la!!!

: gurls night out :
ajak-ed my frens last minit to go out yum cha....
number one station at bukit tinggi aint bad.. live shows... emo songs... windy... dimmed lights...
its relaxing... in an exotic, but calm n disturbing way... so i picked sk n ws up... we met up wit mp at the shop... had sum pretty freaky n expensive drink on that day... example: honey+ warm milk!!!...wahahha... anyhoo... we sat there till 11... we talked crap!!! boys... exams..... new enviroment... new frens.... more boys!!.... n boys!!...yea... i guess tats about it... i havent seen them in ages... miss having the siao-ness around!!!we were giggling the whole way!!

: sleep over :
*woots!* after the yum cha session... i sent ws home... after that, sk n mp were zoomed off to my place...!! we watched flushed away n HEART that night till 3.30am!! dvd courtesy of BT...she watched it the night b4 sumore!! blek!! must ask her for rental fees!!!  flushed away was abit draggy... but nevertheless farney!! akaka...
eventho it was the 2nd movie  n we were tired...mp ter-sleep lio!! sk n i stillmanaged to watch the movie...HEART however was complicated... mayb we expected too much.... the starting was 
typical... the storyline was typical emo movie... the ending was a twist tho... in a way.. but some may have guessed it in the middle... somewhere in the middle it gt draggy... but the show was emo... we were grumbling at the very start of the movie n ended up still in buckets at the end!!

: frens :
oh... the psycho-ness... the hyperness.... the piggy-ness... so wat if we jus ate dinner? n we jus went out to yum cha?? the three of us finished one whole long pasket of chipmores last night... n a few grapes... n water... n we went straight to bed!!! how scary was tat??!!

ok ok...
now the not-so-hyper part...
TZ went to ipoh this weekend on a business trip...
i am so NOT missing him...
and i am so NOT emo-ing now becoz of him...
*whoa m i kidding?*
blergh!! who would've tot this would happen to me?



NASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bluek!!!*

nash tagged me.... so yea... i owe him tis ultra long long long tag!!

Bold the statements that are true to you.
Italise the statements that you WISH are true.
Leave the fibs alone.
Then, "stab" 5 people to do the same test.

I miss somebody right now. (i miss u... wish i was there... *cuddle*)
I dont watch TV these days.
I wear glasses or contact lenses. (FYI..there PINK!! blurgh!!)
I love to play video games.
I've tried marijuana.
I've been in a threesome. (a gurl has the rights for a fantasy right?!)
I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. (u know who u r)
I believe that honesty is usually the best policy. (unfortunately i really do... n it always ends up biting me in my arse!)
I curse. (trying to stop...trying real hard... really!!)
I have changed mentally over the last year. ( i wish i could've said this as an accomplishment for 2006...)
I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me. (i still do... i feel secure)
I'm TOTALLY smart. (if this was true i'd be dangerous)
I've broken someone's bones. (shall not discuss it here... gruesome...)
I'm paranoid sometimes.   (ya think??!)
I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe , free of cost, and scar-free.
I need money right now.    (december is expensive!!)
I love sushi. (fish meat? i'll pass )
I talk really, really fast. (and i make poor ppl blurrrr!!)
I have long hair. (to cut or not to cut?)
I have lost money in Las Vegas. (never!!!)
I have at least one sibling. (a lil too many to my liking!! akaka...)
I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past.
I couldn't survive without Caller I.D.
I like the way I look.    (110%.... of course!!! ABSOLUTELY...yes...right)
I am usually pessimistic.
I have a lot of mood swings.   (akakak... ask the bf...)
I have a hidden talent.   (i can be unsually annoying anytime i want!!!)
I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar i have.  (always?? hmmm mayb jus 80%)
I have a lot of friends.
I'm currently single. (if only its true... akakka... but heck..i pampered, sayanged..i can live with this jus fine...)
I have pecked someone of the same sex. (............)
I enjoy talking on the phone. (i'm a walking talking box!!)
I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants.
I love to shop. (stock me up wit unlimited cash n i'll surprise u!)
Enjoy window shopping. (enjoy.... i wish... its a craving...a desire... argh!!!!!!!!)
I would rather shop than eat. (i live to EAT!!!!!!!!!!!! )
I don't hate anyone. (unfortunately i aint no angel...)

I'm a pretty good dancer. (yeah!! my mirror in my room is like totally impressed wit my skills!)
I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother.
I have a cell phone.
I believe in God. (somewhere...somehow...its all there..)
I watch MTV on a daily basis.
I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months.
I've rejected someone before.
I want to have children in the future. (no comment...)
I have changed a diaper before. (babby sitting...wat??! i'm broke!! remember?!)
I've called the cops on a friend before.
I'm not allergic to anything.  (dust!!!)
I have a lot to learn. (i'm a pure breed jakun!)
I have been with someone at least 10 years older or younger. (its complicated.. dun ask...)
I am shy around the opposite sex. (i wish!!)
I have tried alcohol before. (dun see wats the big deal... as long as i have myself on a leash...)
I have made a move on a friend's significant other or crush in the past.
I own the "South Park" movie.
I would die for my best friends.
I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza. (hell ya!!!)
I have used my sexuality to advance my career. (in ur dreams!! nthg sexy bout me!!)
I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all. (i dont even care)
Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.
I watch Spongebob Squarepants and i like it. (unfortunately i'm hooked to it... its psycho... but entertaining!!)
I'm happy at this moment! ( wish it was true aih....)
I'm obsessed with guys. (how can i not be??!!!)
I study for tests most of the time. (ekekek....last minute count as studying a?)
I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I've ever met. ( i wish i was that different)
I am comfortable with who I am right now.
I have more than just my ears pierced.
I walk barefoot wherever i can.
I have jumped off a bridge.   (haha...if only i had the guts...)
I love sea turtles. (love em... beautiful creatures!!)
I spend ridiculous money on makeup.
Plan on achieving a major goal/dream. (who doesnt?)
I'm proficient in a musical instrument. (i wish... i'm into that can play tho...*winks*)
I worked at McDonald's restaurant.
I hate office jobs.
I love sci-fi movies.(love? like la....aint obsesse)
I think water rules. (hell yea!!! beach, lakes, rivers, waterfall... anything wet.. its a turn on!)
I went college out of state.
I like sausages.
I love kisses.   (isnt it the best part? call me vague.. but i tink it is)
I fall for the worst people.
I adore bright colors. (i'm a black person)
I can't live without black eyeliner.
I somehow enjoyed this thing!!! (so the !@#$%^!@#$%!@#$ long!!!)
I usually like covers better than originals.
I can pick up things with my toes.
I can't whistle.  ( i cant whistle in tune)
I can move my tongue in waves, much like a snakes slither.  *wtf?? ewww!*
I have ridden/owned a horse.
I still have every journal I've ever written in.(whoa...the boxes)

I can't stick to a diet.  (jus look at me...wat do u think?!)
I talk in my sleep. (creepy)
I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions.  (it works... itink)
Climbing trees is a brilliant past time.
I have jazz in my blood.   (i'm a jazz freak!!)
I wear a toe ring.
I can't stand at LEAST one person that I work with.
I am a caffeine junkie.   (cofeeeeeeeeeee.....cokeeeeeeee........woot!!!)
I cosplay or know what cosplaying is.
I have been to over 15 conventions.
I will collect anything, and the more nonsensical the better.
I'm an artist. (that would be good!!)
I only clean my room when necessary.  (ehehe....pig sty)
I like a person of the same sex.
I love being happy.
I am an adrenaline junkie. (like du~~UH!!!)

I stab:
mandy  (please do this wan!! forget the rest!!)
chee sin!!!

*hugs* lYd *hugs* + *squeze tight tight!!*

4 things many don't know

i cant ride a bicycle
i lourveeeeeeeeeeeee cars
i'm in love with the retro world!
i AM in love... *mayb not look like it... but it is!!*

4 movies I could watch over and over again

while u were sleeping
high school musical
sweet november
ladder 49

4 places I've lived

kuantan, pahang (born there)
muar, johor (childhood there)
my current house in klang
and....  hmmmm... haven't been around much.. would like to live sumwhere cold tho...

4 TV shows I love

simpsons!!!  *doink!! but i still love em!!*
grey's anatomy  *drama*
*new fever* desire: table for three...!! *drools!!*

4 places I've been on vacation


4 of my favourite food

pasta!!! *zabbieee!!*
anything with chocolate!!! *fat!! but wat the heck?*
chicken!!   *any chicken!!!*
junk food... prefer lollisssss!!

4 places I would rather be

now? i wanna be in ipoh!! *dun ask!*]
anywhere cold.... or at least cool... *its christmas!*
ironically, i wanna go to the beach n swim in the sea!!
shopping please.... sales up!! *load me up with cash too k?*

4 favourite songs

amazed - lonestar* i noe... OLD... *
i could not ask for more - edwin mccain   *actually i like anything by edwin mccain!!*
summer of'69 - bryan adams   * aahhh... the macho-ness... the husky voice!*
lips of an angel-hinder has been ringing in my head!! n i'm liking it!! *woot!!*

4 others I wanna tag

i shant torture u guys...
who wanna do den jus do la!!

shout out!!!


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