Friday, December 24

Don't Forget Innocence

The sheer joy of color pencils.
Doodles, shapes, colors, dreams...

simple innocence.

Wednesday, December 22





Monday, December 20

Noël à Leo Burnett

Yes i'm in love with Christmas.

I love that everyone is cheerful & happy.
I love that Christmas songs are on replay now.
The feeling is ...

17 Dec 2010.
Christmas rocked LB extra early!
There was lunch, there was dinner.
There was Secret Santa.

There was Huru Hara.
They were awesome!!
I'm a fan!!!

Booze on Free Flow.

Seriously, "Huru Hara" menghuru-harakan LB kaw kaw!!
Fathil/Helmi - Drums ; Pathma - Bass ; Strings - Naj & SengKiat
Vocals/Keyboards - Michelle!
They even gt thongs flung at em!!

16 Dec 2010.
Christmas with Karen's Girlssss.

ala pot luck style.
my sandwiches!
Mel's Tuna Pasta BerGanja.
Fui's Mini-in development-sausages
Kristin's Konyaku Jelly!
Check out the desserts!
Jem's cake & Patrick's Intoxicated Christmas Fruit Cake
heavily dosed!
Mindy's Green Tea Cake
Sii Tao Poh-Karen's Kerapu MeeHoon!
Insanely Yummy with Penang Sambal!
-together gether-
I've gt loads...
Boss gave us all a diary.
I love the message on it.

It reads...
"Our world is full of dreams & adventures"
True enough.

Merry Christmas ya'all.

Sunday, December 19

Hugs & Kisses! XOXO

My dear bestie Tan Wi Shan
has officially became a SII TAUU POOHH!!

XOXO Pet Store officially opened last Saturday
18 Dec 2010

Its located at
56-3 (3rd Floor), Jalan PJU 5/20D,
The Strand Kota Damansara

Puppies, Grooming, Boarding,
Healthy Pet Food, Pet Stuff galore.
Not too big.
Just the right size.
Very comfy.

Puppy above is on sale i tink.
Insanely cute & obedient for a pup!
Play & mingled, tired d snooze.

we chilled we makaned.
we played with em puppies!!!
After that Siewkuan & I went to find Mandy!
For dinner.

A fruitful day I would say.
I'm happy!

Saturday, December 18


my hse is invaded by the
the spread of

Chicken Pox!!!!

Friday, December 17

Walk in the park

Walking the dogs
is a bliss


btw, i have an iphone!

Thursday, December 16

thank you

Thank you for hearing me
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for seeing me
And for not leaving me

Thank you for staying with me
Thanks for not hurting me
You are gentle with me
Thanks for silencing with me

Thank you for holding me
And saying "I could be"
Thank you for saying "Baby"
Thank you for holding me

Thank you for breaking my heart
Thank you for tearing me apart
Now I've a strong, strong heart
Thank you for breaking my heart

Thank you for helping me

Wednesday, December 15







第五件橡皮擦。Everyone makes mistakes and it is OK 。每個人都會犯錯,沒關係的。




第九件面紙。To remind you to help dry someone’s tears,幫別人擦乾眼淚。


十一,銅板。To remind you that you are valuable and special。提醒你,你是有價值而且特殊的。


Friday, December 10

Tyler Hilton - Keep On

Everybody knows
how’s the story about the first one
Who tought’em how to hurt
Let their hopes sustain

When its gone on quite enough
And your sick of staying down
I know what you need
You got to live it like it sounds

When you lose what you love, live on live on
When the road gets too rough, be strong be strong
When you can’t understand, but you’re starting to see, it’ll work in the end
You just got to believe, keep on keep on

I had my ideals, my plans were cutting dry
I wouldn't just settle for a thing, yeah
You can forget all compromise

But I was tackled like a wave
And stomped on like the ground
Once won’t ever change
We’ll be slowly turning 'round

'Cause when you lose what you love, live on live on
When the road gets too rough, be strong be strong
When you can't understand, but you're starting to see, it'll work in the end
You just got to believe, keep on keep on

Yeah you can take it from me,
there's so much you can be,
and it's all gonna change whether it's you or them or me.

When you lose what you love, live on live on
When the road gets too rough, just be strong be strong
And when you can't understand, but you're starting to see,
it'll work in the end
You just got to believe, keep on keep on

Thursday, December 9


fingers cold
trying to breath
struggling for smthg to hold
when will this feeling cease?

demons come
fears amplified
fickle for some
why am i terrified?

flashbacks, memories
playing scene by scene
how could one let go of these,
everything that has been?

wash it down
rain on me
feelings, please drown
i wanna move on, cant u see?

why is sleeping such a test?
demons be gone~
finally my mind's at rest
as the musical box tingles on...

far away

i read on.
hoping to see a strain of familiarity.
i read on.
hoping to feel relativity.

i'm glad.
that everything is going fine.
i'm glad.
you've found smthg that make you happy.
i'm glad.
to see that you've grown wiser & stronger (nvr fatter)

afraid that sometimes you feel alone.
afraid that one day we just aren't close anymore.
afraid that one day i will lose u.

i wished i'm still a part of your life.
tho small.
i really wished.

Wednesday, December 8

All Tangled Up. :)

Walt Disney Pictures presents "Tangled,"
one of the most hilarious, hair-raising tale ever told.

It can not be denied that the magic of Walt Disney films have touched each
and everyone of us with timeless adventures and musical tunes that are known
for getting stuck in our heads.

In a feature that revolves around hair-- no but really-- this adorable film retells the story of Rapunzel, starring Hollywood sweetheart Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) and funny man Zachary Levi as her 'prince' Flynn Ryder.

First of all, Tangled has everything you expect from a Disney film. It has catchy music, good dialogue and a charming story. It is witty and hilarious, with a bit of cliche thrown in. The comedic timing is outstanding, and it feels like every five minutes you are smiling, laughing or both. Most of the humor comes from a mix between the antics between supporting characters and dialogue spoken by Flynn Ryder and Mother Gothel.

The character of Rapunzel who has a special healing power in her long golden locks is sweet, innocent and kind which is nothing less than what you expect from a fairy tale princess. Flynn Ryder (voiced by Zachary Levi) reminds me a lot of Aladdin, where as he had a rough upbringing, turns bandit as a result of it but ultimately learns the important lessons life has to bring him and becomes the selfless prince-worthy guy we want our princess to end up with.
The biggest surprise of all was Mother Gothel. She isn't your typical "evil witch" character at all. Although her motives are selfish and ruin the lives of everyone in her path, she is downright hilarious! She has this witty way about her, where out of context the words she says would be mean and cruel but she adds a "Just teasing. I love you." and you can't help but laugh.

Possible the two most comedic characters in the movie are the royal horse and Rapunzel's partner in crime-- her chameleon. These two sub characters add charming and humorous moments even though they both don't speak a single word. Rapunzel's chameleon, Pascal has no dialogue of course. But without having to speak, he also makes you crack up throughout the entire movie, just by pointing and making funny faces. The horse, Maximus also does not talk but through his body and facial movements you get the point he is trying to get across, which is entertaining to say the least.

The movie definitely has adventurous qualities that keeps the viewers attention-- as an accidental meeting between Rapunzel and Flynn takes the audience on many thrilling adventures that are complimented by uncountable cute and comedic moments.

Personally I'm not a fan of the computer graphic animation in the newer Disney films, but in Tangled it is done so well you hardly notice it. The musical scores as well as the graphics are impressive and addictive to watch.
Overall, I loved it. I don't have much to say against Tangled, which was a nice change from some of the recent projects to come from Disney. It's nice to see the fairy tale movies get back to the roots, and Tangled will remind you more of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty&The Beast and Snow White than you might expect.

and because i kinda have a teenager crush on Flynn Rider now,
MORE OF HIM below.


Monday, December 6

"no comment"

Tall, Skinny with tidy curls in her hair.
She looks polite & petite, but don't you ever mess with her flare.
She does have her temper, so tease her dun you dare.
But deep down you'd know that she really really cared.

Responsible & sensible, she'll comfort you on a bad day.
Trying to make you happy again in her own way.
Ironically "No comment", thats what she'll always say,
Though she'll always be there, come what may.

"Olive Oyl" ppl would call her.
We'd laugh & echo the tease, but it didn't matter.
As the years go by and we got closer,
We soon realized we'd be friends forever.

Happy Birthday My Love.


The sun you see, makes me think of you
The miracle of it, the wonder too
I see you both everyday as you know
To stop seeing either, I'd have to say, no

nice quaint dinner

awesome car show
(i'm such a guy right? but it was awesomeeeeeee~)

I actually went coz of Transformers' Bumble Bee.
i thought i'd be blown away.
then i realized, hoho...
the Chevy Camaro stole my attention.
O.O stares
cold breeze
amazing view
the company kept me smiling cheek to cheek

watched finally watched HP with Topper & Squiddy Kor.
bunch of jokers.
i havent seen them in ages.

a lil trick i learnt from the ex.
My "romantic" dinner with Mandy
at Jusco.
Tahpao-ed food & drinks.
We chilled on a bench while the whole world was chasing dinner at a crowded restaurant.

some colors grow on you
different phases.

I use to love Luscious Green.
then in college i slowly turned to Blood Red.
I tink Green is growing back at me again.

voices of new malaysia